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Our Mission Statement

The Ottawa Grassroots Festival: Cultivating Community

The Ottawa Grassroots Festival is a non-profit, community-based, volunteer-run organization dedicated to cultivating community at the local level through a vibrant annual festival of concerts and participatory workshops.

The Ottawa Grassroots Festival Board of Directors:
Bob Nesbitt, President
Peter Bowie, Treasurer
Lynn Chiarelli, Secretary
Grace Smith, Advisor to the Board

There are a lot of people working to pull the Ottawa Grassroots Festival together. Here are those who helped us in 2019.

Stay tuned for the list of those planning 2020.

Bob Nesbitt
Selina Bishop
Peter Bowie
Bob Boucher
Lynn Chiarelli
Larry Davies
Mary-Anne Davis
Mark Delorme
Scott Donnelly
Heather Evenchick
Mark Evenchick
Andrew Hall
Bonnie Harnden
Howie Hooper
Mike Leeworthy
Eric Lunn
Karen Marshall
Doug McDonald
Shelley Ann Morris
Jake Morrison
Emily Mountjoy
Ravi Philar
Katharine Ray
Grace Smith
Frank Smith
Paul Spafford
Gautum Subra
Chris White
Kate Whitley
Robert Wilson
Olga Zuyderhoff