Southminster United Church


15 Aylmer Ave,
Ottawa, ON

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Hello Visitors to OGF!

This is our 7th edition of the festival, and we are so glad that you could join us.  The following is a description of the primary areas and rooms at Southminster United Church that will be used during the festival, which we hope will allow you to get around easily.  Please remember, that should you require any assistance finding your way, helpful volunteers will never be too far away, and will be happy to provide directions.

Getting to the Festival via OC Transpo

Bus Routes:  #6 and #7 serve Southminster United Church.  If you are travelling south along Bank Street, coming from downtown, the bus that will let you off on the same side of the church.  You will get off the bus, and the church will be right on the corner.

The number for this bus stop is 613-560-1000 and then #6774.

If you are traveling north along Bank Street—going back toward downtown or coming from the south end of Bank Street, the #6 or #7 will let you off on the opposite side of the street.  You will need to cross Bank Street.  When you get off the bus you will have to walk along Bank Street for a few steps until you come to the audible traffic signal that will take you across Bank Street.  There is a bus shelter on this side of the street, but it is located closer to the traffic light.

The number for this bus stop is 613-560-1000 then # 6773

Entrances to the Festival site and Para Transpo area:

There are 2 entrances to the church that are wheelchair accessible:

  1. Aylmer Avenue (South side)
  • Please note that it is recommended you use the Aylmer Ave. entrance if attending the evening performances on Thursday, Friday or Saturday in The Sanctuary, as it is the only way a wheelchair user can access the performance.
  • There will be an area on Aylmer Ave. reserved for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • If attending the festival on Saturday and Sunday during the daytime, it is recommended that you ask to be dropped off as close to the Galt Street entrance as possible.
  1. Galt Street (West side)
  • This entrance will allow wheelchair access to the Ground (Lower) level and 2nd floor levels of the church where there will be activities and performances Saturday through to Sunday.  Note: Wheelchair access to the The Sanctuary is not possible through this entrance.

Note: On Saturday night, Apr.28, the Aylmer entrance will be used to access Fellowship Hall EXCEPT for those with mobility impairments requiring the use of the elevator, who should use the Galt St. entrance.

  • Everyone should use Galt St. during the daytimes, Saturday and Sunday. There will be one afternoon performance taking place at 2pm in The Sanctuary on the Saturday.  Wheelchair access to this performance can only be through the Aylmer Avenue door.
  • When you enter from the Galt Street entrance, you will find a downward-sloping ramp straight ahead of you, as well as a set of ‘down’ stairs to Fellowship Hall, and stairs going up to the Sanctuary as well as continuing on up to Rooms 5, 6 and 7 on the second floor.  Volunteer greeters will be stationed at this entrance to direct you.

Elevator Information

There is one elevator in the church that is accessible via the Galt Street entrance. It can accommodate one wheelchair at a time. It will allow access to all floors except the Sanctuary level.  If wheelchair accessibility is a concern, please enter via Aylmer Ave. when attending the evening performances and the 2pm performance on Saturday, April 28 in the Sanctuary.

We ask for your patience as there will be children, some in strollers, and people with physical disabilities requiring the elevator during daytime performances.  IMPORTANT: To avoid mechanical problems with the elevator, there will be volunteer operators to assist in operating the lift.  PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO HOLD THE DOOR OPEN with your hands or an object, as this can lead to the lift malfunctioning. The ‘open” button inside the elevator, is to be used TO KEEP THE DOOR OPEN..


There are regular washrooms on every level of the church.

Two washrooms are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs

  1. A wheelchair accessible washroom is located just inside the Aylmer Ave. entrance (South Side), on your left as you enter the church. It is on the same level as the Sanctuary.  If mobility challenges prevent you from using stairs, please note that this washroom is level with the entrance to the Sanctuary and from the outside via Aylmer Avenue  entrance. Volunteers will be stationed throughout the festival to offer anyone who needs assistance on the ramp; a push up and down, and an umbrella, in case of rain.

  2. A second large unisex washroom is located on the Lower level of the church just a short distance from the elevator. Please note, while this washroom is large, it is not specifically designed for wheelchair access so those who use larger wheelchairs may need to use the accessible washroom as described above.   Our accessibility crew volunteers will be happy to direct you to its location.

Southminister Room Layout


Volunteer Central – Room 6

  • If you are volunteering, this is where you will be checking in.
  • Volunteers will be welcome to rest and eat here.
  • Room is located on the 2nd Floor, between Room 5 and the Room 7 and faces Galt St., on west side.
  • Regular washrooms are located across the hall.

The Sanctuary

  • The Sanctuary is located on the 1st floor of Southminster United Church.
  • Thursday night headliners will be a “Franco-music” night with headliner: Jean-Marc Lalonde
  • Friday night headliner: Sneezy Waters and His Very Fine Band
  • Saturday night headliner: Lynn Miles with Keith Glass
  • Saturday at 2:00 pm Headliner song circle; the Early Years with Lynn Miles, Sneezy Waters, and Campbell Woods.  Moderated by Mike Regenstreif. If wheelchair accessibility is a concern, please enter via the Aylmer Avenue entrance.

Fellowship Hall

  • Fellowship Hall is located on the Ground (Lower) level of the church.
  • It is located directly beneath the Sanctuary.
  • It will also be used for some daytime workshops and performances
  • At the opposite end to where the stage is located, there will be a silent auction and  venders: Casa Mexico (serving authentic Mexican tacos) + CloudForest (coffee/tea)
  • There is a large unisex washroom near the regular washrooms on this level. Our Accessibility Crew will be happy to direct you to it.

Room 5

  • Room is located on 2nd Floor
  • It will be used for the daytime workshops and performances
  • Faces Galt Street, which is the west side of the church
  • As you exit Room 5, continue straight down the hall. They will be on your right.

Room 7

  • Room is located on the 2nd Floor
  • Faces Galt Street, which is the west side of the church
  • It will be used for the daytime workshops and performances
  • There are regular washrooms as you leave the room, on your left.