Emma Lamontagne

Emma Lamontagne is more than the average high school student struggling to get out of bed. She is also an aspiring singer/songwriter from Ottawa who just happens to have won the ‘She’s the One’ competition from RBC’s Bluesfest 2016. She will be working with Cadence Music Group and Universal Music Canada to produce her future music.

Emma has only been performing modern music since November 2015, but in such a short time, she has checked off more boxes on her bucket list than most artists do in a few years. She started with her school’s coffeehouse, and next thing she knew, she was being introduced to Elaine Overholt at ‘Show Choir Canada,’ who gave her the confidence she needed to keep performing. Next thing you know, Emma is chosen as one of eight girls from across Canada for a chance to win a recording deal with CMG and Universal.

In the meantime, she is trying to master some of her favourite songs from her favourite artists, such as Billy Joel and John Mayer, and participating in many music activities in school. Today, Emma is on track to start her career, whilst she attends grade 11. In preparation for RBC’s Bluesfest 2017, Emma will be working with established professionals in the industry to write, record, and market her music.