Venue Information

Main Venue: First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa

30 Cleary Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 4A1

The First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa is located at 30 Cleary St in Ottawa’s west end. Unfortunately, LRT construction has limited the ways that you can access the venue.

In the past the entry to Cleary from Richmond Road was just past Redwood Street. Due to construction that access was closed, and a new entry point was provided slightly further west.  A Google map indicates the location of the new access and shows that the eastern portion of Cleary no longer connects to Richmond Road. The First Unitarian Congregation website has a more complete description of the effect of construction on site access that they call the Cleary Detour

If you are driving, look for the pink Kristy Family Restaurant sign on Richmond Road and turn there. You can only turn left coming from the west and right coming from the east. If you’re coming from the east the sign may be somewhat obscured by trees until you’re very close.  If you’re taking the 417, exit at Woodroffe going north and turn right onto Richmond Road. Then look for the Kristy sign and turn left to reach the venue.

If you are using OC Transpo (routes 11 or 153):

  • If you are coming from the west going east on Richmond Road, exit at the Woodroffe stop, cross to the north side of the street and walk east about 450 metres to Cleary St.
  • If you are coming from the east going west on Richmond Road, exit at the stop just past Cleary St. and walk 10 metres east back to Cleary St.

Thursday / Sunday Venue: Irene’s Pub

885 Bank Street
Venue for Thursday / Sunday