• Ravi Philar and Carol Card
  • Chris White – Performer, choir leader, and all around folk music organizer and fan
  • Fran Doy – Someone who comes alive with music
  • Grace Smith
  • Karen Oxorn
  • Lynn Chiarelli
  • Mary Gick
  • MMM Productions, Mark Delorme, President
  • Peter Bowie – Peter has been a sponsor and supporter of folk music in the Ottawa area for decades.
  • Shelagh Gick
  • Susan Gick
  • Kristine St-Pierre
  • Ed Lawrence – Ontario’s Gardening Guru
  • Teri Loretto-Valentik
  • Jerry Johnston


The below Funders help make the Ottawa Grassroots possible




We are grateful to have these sponsors to help support the Ottawa Grassroots Festival