Leela Gilday

Scheduled during the evening concerts
Friday April 27, Opener, Sanctuary;
& Scheduled during the free daytime programming
Saturday April 28, 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

A passionate singer/songwriter and soulful performer, Leela Gilday has a voice that comes straight from the heart. Confessing her stories to her audiences with a gutsy
voice and open stage presence, Gilday weaves her experiences as a northerner, a member of the Dene nation, and a traveler into a beautiful world that transports the

With four full-length recordings and a long touring history, Gilday has numerous awards to her credit, including a Juno (Canadian equivalent of a Grammy), two Western Canadian Music Awards, Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year to
name a few. Above all, she seeks connection with her audiences through music, and with each record brings more unique stories to the world. Whether it’s an anthem
for the oppressed, or an upbeat song about mortality, she infuses her songs with a sense of humour as well as a sense of social justice, and an ironic appreciation of
human folly.

Based out of Yellowknife, NT, Leela has toured festivals and concert halls with her four-piece band through every province and territory in Canada. She has also
played internationally in several countries including Japan, US, Greenland, Denmark, and New Zealand. Her live shows, and many appearances on television and radio
have earned her an important place in the Aboriginal music scene, as well as a loyal mainstream following.
Her latest record “Heart of the People” resonates with the heartbeat of the earth and the connection we all have to it as human beings.
“Fresh, open and with a big, clear voice, she knocked our collective socks off.”- PATRICK LANGSTON, OTTAWA CITIZEN
“Leela Gilday’s voice comes straight from the heart. It’s the voice of a winner; the song of a warrior. That’s the call of Leela Gilday.”




  • 2015 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee- Aboriginal Recording of the Year
  • 2015 Juno Nominee – Aboriginal Album of the Year
  • Poster promotional choice for “Northern Scene” in Ottawa- April 2013
  • Musical Director for the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Finale (2012, Global, APTN)
  • Artistic Director for “A Circumpolar Soundscape- March 2012
  • Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year 2011 – Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
  • Best Aboriginal Recording- Western Canadian Music Awards 2010
  • Best Female Artist – Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2010
  • Best Folk Album – Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2010
  • Best Music Video – Dreamspeakers Festival 2009
  • Juno Award Winner- Aboriginal Recording of the Year 2007
  • Western Canadian Music Awards- Best Aboriginal Recording 2007
  • Indian Summer Music Award Winner- Best Folk 2007
  • “Northerner of the Year”- Up Here Magazine 2007
  • Nominee- 3 Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards 2007
  • Nominee- 2 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2007
  • Nominee-Best Songwriter- Aboriginal- Canadian Folk Music Awards 2007
  • Juno Award Nominee- Best Music of Aboriginal Canada 2003
  • Winner of 3 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best Female Artist, Best Folk Album and Best Songwriter


“You Are Not Alone” -copyright 2015 music video Produced by Artless Collective
“Rescue” – copyright 2014 Music video Produced by Artless Collective
“Heart of the People” –copyright 2014 Diva Sound Records Produced by Murray Pulver
“Great Canadian Songquest- Road Songs”- copyright 2011 CBC Records (compilation)
“Calling All Warriors”- copyright 2009/2010 Diva Sound Records Produced by Adam Popowitz
“One Drum”- copyright 2007 Music Video produced by Big Soul Productions
“Sedzé” – copyright 2006 Diva Sound. Produced by Teppei Kamei and Leela Gilday
“Sweet Rebel Music”- one song on compilation by Spirit Magazine
“Dig Your Roots”- one song on nationally-distributed compilation CD
“spirit world, solid wood”- copyright 2002 Diva Sound Records Produced by John Switzer
“Indian Girl” – copyright 2001 demo at CBC studios
“Truly Something” –CBC records compilation

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