(Interview) Ottawa’s Hidden Gem, Rory Taillon, to Dazzle at The 2024 Ottawa Grassroots Festival with His Eclectic Music and Soulful Lyrics

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Rory Taillon is Ottawa’s best kept secret! He has been playing a steady amount of gigs and we are thrilled that he will be playing at The Ottawa Grassroots Festival on Friday, April 26, 2024 at The Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 30 Cleary St. in Ottawa, Ontario. He is a one man show but oh what a show it is. You don’t want to miss this eclectic musician with his dreamy voice and creative musicianship. 

At 35, his lyrics are soulful and wise beyond his age, pointing out the many injustices in our world like in the song, “Scapegoat “I’m not your scapegoat. I’m no guardian to your ideals. I’m not your some talking point, I breathe.” Or how about the song, Welcome, “You‘re not welcome here, You’re not welcome anymore. I gave you all I could give but still you wanted more.” Or my personal favourite is in the song, Smile, “Help me find my mask and strike a match to see. There’s false courage in a flask, to be free. Get over it, and smile.” I had to ask, “where do all of these brooding thoughts come from?” As he laughed at my question, he then quoted Tom Waits “I like beautiful melodies, telling me terrible things.” Bingo.

Rory is celebrating 15 years of blissful marriage to his muse, Julie, a healthcare worker, this Fall and I asked him if he has any happy songs and he pointed to his new album, entitled, Now It’s Quiet. He wrote a song about her on this new album that is coming out this summer, 2024, his 5th full album. He has 2 EP’s and is classically trained, having sung in an ensemble in high-school, the tone of his voice is impeccable, like the angels singing. This guy is multi-talented and a deep thinker like Bob Dylan and his voice reminds me of Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens. And like most musicians, mental health is a topic he brings forward in his music and writing, which helps to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help, especially for men. 

We all know men who will never go to the doctor or who complain endlessly when they have a cold. Rory is trying to change that not only for men, but for all of us. Only the strongest men and women seek help. It is never easy to ask for help. But we must ask. The suicide rates and drug overdose epidemics are screaming for help. This is the guy, to bring it and there is no louder, prouder, fantastic way to do that, than through the arts, through music. 

Rory isn’t only a singer, musician, producer, writer and performer, no, he is also trained in visual arts, cartoon and animation. I asked him if he did his own album covers and he said no, a friend did them. I said “why don’t you do them?” and he said “I don’t know?” I hope we see his artwork for this new one!  We had a great conversation and laughed out loud. I can’t wait for you to meet him and most importantly to hear him! This Ultra Running man (that means he and Emily like to run further than a marathon), is going to blow your mind. Friday night at 30 Cleary St. in Ottawa you can get your tickets on our website

Laurie Bowen

Interview by Laure Bowen