Lynn Miles Returns to Ottawa Grassroots Festival with Heartfelt New Album ‘TumbleWeedyWorld’ and a Message of Compassion for Refugees

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Lynn Miles is a revered singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and now a producer who is returning to The Ottawa Grassroots Festival opening night at the famous Irene’s Pub on Bank St. in Ottawa, Ontario. Lynn released her 16th album on March 18, 2023 and I love the name, TumbleWeedyWorld.

It is a collection of songs that have been pouring out of this incredible talent over the last two years. Filled with heartache and love, wonder and vision, her writing and songs just feel like home. Home, where the heart is, where there is safety, where one is blessed to have one these days. She was the main caregiver for her mother for two years before she passed away in Dec. 2022 and as daunting and frustrating as that process with our healthcare system was, throughout it, she wrote and wrote and wrote some more. In her career, she has written well over 900 songs! That is just mind blowing when you think about it. She just keeps following the path and allows the songs to be birthed and there have been almost four albums’ worth in the last two years.

Always versatile, Lynn has ventured into producing music for other artists and is working with Dave Drabes of Little Bull Horn Studio in Ottawa, Ontario. She offers private songwriting and vocal lessons for individuals and groups. She gives proceeds from her song What if You Were a Refugee to organizations that support new immigrants. It’s a beautiful song, one that I hope she will play on Thursday night at Irene’s Pub, opening night of the festival. 

“What if it was your neighbor, living desperately, What if it was your mother, walking to be free. What if it was your baby, drowning in the sea? What if you were a refugee? It’s a fine line, between have and have not. Your life can change in a heartbeat. It doesn’t take a lot. Politician’s lie, or a bullet leaves a gun, the whole place blows up. Leave everything and run.” (Lynn Miles, 2015). This song needs to become our anthem, our cry, for the refugees. Bravo Lynn, you are making such an enormous positive change in this world.  Lynn is bringing a 6 piece band and Rebecca Campbell, who she has been singing with for 40 years. She says that when they do harmonies together she feels like she has been transported to heaven. Writing, producing, recording and performing are what keep this powerhouse, female, musician going. We are so excited to have her return to the festival.