We also feature a variety of lunch treats to everyone from 11 am till 4:30 pm on Saturday April 27th, in partnership with Moul Hanout Restaurant (1581 Bank, Ottawa; tel: 613-260-1212). We are again partnering with Ashton Brewing and Magnotta Wines to offer a selection of fine beers and wines. Tea, coffee, pop and snacks also served. Enjoy these treats seated in Fellowship hall, on the deck overlooking the Ottawa river, or in the beautiful gardens maintained by church volunteers.  

For lunch, banish your hunger with Moul Hanout’s Moroccan cuisine: a choice of Vegan Balls, Chicken Ladende (seasoned with cucumber, turmeric, cilantro), Beef Kafta (seasoned with onions, turmeric, cilantro) or Lamb Merguez, wrapped in freshly made flat bread (Roti), topped with garnish and choice of sauces. Pair that wrap with a bowl of Harira, a vegetable soup made with chickpeas, lentils, pasta, parsley and spices. Enjoy your lunch with Moroccan Tea and Sweets (Shedakia), beer, wine, hot drinks, pop, snacks and cookies.