Alise Marlane

Alise Marlane, from the Gatineau Hills, writes and performs thoughtful, playfully lyrical, jazz-infused folk to accompany your mood of contentedness and melancholy. Her repertoire covers a broad spectrum of subject matter brimming with distinctive finger-style guitar work and some forays into mandolin and tenor guitar territory. She's a past recipient of the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award, and was a CFMA nominee in the days of roots band Frida's Brow. She currently plays solo; with acoustic trio Paugan Dames along side Tina Therrien and Chris MacLean; with the Ottawa ensemble "Songs from a Drunken Piano"– a Tom Waits review; and with poetry troubadours Ilse Turnsen and Mary Lou van Schaik as a multi-instrumentalist alongside the most-talented James Stephens.