Ameya Charnalia & Danielle Jeffery

Ameya (pronounced Aa-may) and Danielle take you on a folksy, often funny or poignant tour of the many strip malls around town like they usually do in their food blog, Eat the Strip ( or CBC Ottawa Morning’s  food column. Hear the stories behind these thriving multicultural food gems offering cuisines from over 25 countries and counting. These unassuming eateries in Ottawa’s many strip malls let you dip your palates in their countries of origin: Morocco, South Korea, El Salvador, India, China and many others. Between 11 and 4:30 on April 27th, go to the Unitarian church’s Fellowship hall and treat yourselves to an affordable lunch of yummy wraps, soup, sweets, tea from Moul Hanout restaurant, Morocco’s gift to Ottawa, opened in 2022 by Kawtar and her husband. Moul Hanout’s offerings are the lunch eats of choice for patrons, performers and volunteers at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. While you’re at it, grab a beer, wine or pop, then dine in the hall while listening to Ameya and Danielle; or step out on the patio or into the soulful garden of this beautiful venue.