Anne Hurley, Jim Videto and Kate Marshall Flaherty

Roots and Branches: digging deep and reaching up

A beautiful trio of poetry, song and music, exploring the theme of the roots that connect us and the ways in which we blossom. Listen to moving lyricist Jim Videto with his guitar and silky voice, harmonizing with Anne Hurley’s beautiful rippling piano, woven with the evocative words of poet Kate Marshall Flaherty from Toronto. This trio will ground you and at the same time inspire you with their blend of poetry, music and song … branch out and come!

Kate Marshall Flaherty

A session that weaves gracefully through music and poetry.

Kate Marshall Flaherty’s sixth book of poetry, “Radiant,” Launched with Inanna press this June. She was shortlisted for Arc’s poem of the year 2019, and Exile’s Gwendolyn MacEwen poetry prize 2018. She, Anne Hurley and Jim Videto staged readings of their new musical, “Losing Will,” at Alumni Theatre and Christie Gardens in 2019. She guides StillPoint prompted writing workshops and editing sessions in the AWA Method. Check out her poetry to music on film at

Walk on the Wire (Anne Hurley and Jim Videto)

Anne Hurley and Jim Videto are the Ottawa based duo known as “Walk on the Wire”

They have been performing together for 9 years and have composed music for various organizations and charities. They have performed in Festivals in Edmonton, Jasper, Ottawa and Cobalt. They were part of the Artist on Board Program with Via Rail and performed on the train between Toronto and Vancouver.