Bucko (Chris Binkowski)

Bucko (Chris Binkowski) plays improvised synth jams on his mobile sound + light system. The music is created live on an iPhone. A 400 watt portable speaker is mounted to Bucko’s power wheelchair on a custom designed plexiglass shelf. During the night, LED lights glow as they wrap around Bucko and his chair. He has busked over 80 times with this set up. This led to participation at Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche 2013 representing the Ottawa Art Gallery, performing at Chinatown Remixed Festival and the Arboretum Festival in 2014. March 2015 Bucko opened for Rich Aucoin at Ritual. Other performances in 2015 included Tangled Arts Cabaret and the Forging Futures conference at U of Ottawa, and Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa’s In The Spotlight and Celebration Of People events.
When not busking or volunteering, Bucko also makes large acrylic paintings. His current work in progress is 7 x 9 feet.




Busking photo credit: Murray MacLeod

Photo Credit: Murray MacLeod