Christine Graves and Mark Evenchick

Christine Graves

Christine Graves has always loved harmonies in song. Her work with Malaika (2000-2005) and her upbringing in a musical family gave her lots of practise singing in harmony with others. As a songwriter, Christine’s craft draws from folk, pop and jazz influences. Those willing to colour outside the lines will find joy in creating harmonized sounds along with her latest creations. Christine uses ukulele and listening to assist singers reference and feel confident in harmony arrangements.


Mark Evenchick

Mark Evenchick has been playing the guitar and writing songs for many years. With a knack for positive and upbeat melodies, he writes story-based songs that cover a wide variety of topics. By leaning toward simple song structures, Mark’s tunes lend themselves to audience participation. His two previously released albums Incident at the Hang Dog Saloon (2011) and Mr. Miscellaneous (2017) contain many sing-long numbers.

Mark is a two-time winner of the Gil’s Hootenanny song-writing contest for sing-along songs of hope and protest. Currently, he is working on an EP of original sing-along songs. He hopes to have it complete in time for the 2019 Ottawa Grassroots Festival.