Eric Bawden

Let’s Get Real about Reality

As a child I constantly felt that there was someone helping me “steer the boat”, not just my own conscience. Was it possible someone could have been participating in my life, watching over me? 

I had always known I had been adopted, but was it feasible there was a link that had never been broken?

Adults would dismiss my questions. The church called it “magic thinking”. Was all this just an illusion?

Then it happened; and the way I understood the world to work changed in an instant.

I have spent the past 40 years working to understand that moment, and to discover how to get back there. 

It is a journey that has combined the teachings of Carl Jung , the legends of Joseph Campbell, and much more, in the endless struggle to understand human consciousness, and touch the sacred in humanity.

To discover my birthmother, and my heritage, launched a mission to discover the deepest roots within myself.

Now after 40 years, these thoughts have fermented themselves into the ideas and concepts that compile this presentation, and my courage to share it with you.

Those with whom I have already shared this say:


A world class presentation.  I took a LOT away from the event that will help me in my day to day life. Thank you for giving so much hope to me


Thanks so much for your wonderful gift. It was inspirational and very timely for a situation I’m dealing with right now.


This addressed exactly what I was/am living. I appreciate having this. Very relevant to me.


Powerful stuff and very absorbing. Thank you.