Erica O’Reilly

From a young age, Erica recalls always feeling a deep sense of connection to nature and a desire to connect with people through stories. Her love for the arts, collaboration in community, and self-expression has taken her all over the world, including: Toronto (Bachelor of Arts with Honours, in Theatre), New York (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts) and Northern Italy (Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational). Several years after graduating from York University, Erica found herself profoundly missing a particular depth of connection with people. After receiving her Bachelor of Education, with specialization in Arts Education (Queen’s University), Erica combined her love for creative expression and nurturing personal connections with others through teaching. Today, Erica is happy to be nurturing roots back home in the nations capital – including building her spiritual counselling business.

Over the years, Erica has enjoyed sharing her work with several creative communities in Ottawa – including Orpheus Musical Theatre Society, The Ottawa Storytellers and Urban Legends Poetry Collective.

This afternoon, Erica is very excited and grateful to be a part of the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. She hopes that in sharing some of the stories that align with her heart and spirit that they may also resonate with yours.