James Blondeau

Scheduled during the free daytime programming
Saturday April 28, 1:00 pm – 2:20 pm, Fellowship Hall (basement)

Since last year’s appearance at Grassroots, James has performed two live concerts in Sweden while there producing an underwater video documentary. He recently returned from producing a documentary shot in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, China.??His appearance this year will be held in the Fellowship Hall and he invites everyone to the program which with feature live music, a special guest artist, videos synced with his original songs about Canada and segments from his book, The Tales of Tallimar narrated by Sjef.

James Blondeau is a musician, composer, video director and internet content producer from Dunrobin, Ontario. He has been  performing music for a number of years including club gigs and live concerts.

James has written and co-written over 160 original songs and created the science fiction fantasy story, The Tales of Tallimar. His music ranges from folk to rock and has produced music videos for a number of local Ottawa artists.

Music Appearances in

Canada – 10 Provinces
Algarve, Portugal
Hamar, Norway
Warsaw, Poland
Krakow, Poland
Gerrardsbergan, Belgium
Lille, France
London, England
Liverpool, England
York, England
Amsterdam, Holland
Apeldornn, Holland
Bardi, Italy
Nanton, Alberta
Richmond, Virginia
Museum of Civilization
Canadian War Museum
Canada Day – Kanata
100 Years Concert – CFB Petawawa
Clearwater, Florida
Freeport, Bahamas
Lake Land, Florida
Discovery Train
Producer/Director – Dunrobincastle.com Video Productions

Tholthorpe, England – RCAF Reunion
The POW Reunion – Ottawa
The History of Medicine – Canada Wide
The Canadian Journey 1992
TimeKeeper’s Video Contest
TimeKeeper’s Video Collection
The Belgian Forest
Youth Service Canada
Canada Remembers Holland
NCC  Trees and People
NCC  UN Peace Keepers Statue
Great Escape Reunion
POW Reunion – London, England
The Recovery of Halifax NA337 – Norway
The Recovery of Halifax LW682 – Belgium
Vimy Ridge and Beaumont Hamel

Music Videos

Garnet Challenger
Natalie Rey
Maria Knapik Videos – Opera
Yu Meng
Judith Heather
Samantha Testa
Jun Li
President Lech Walesa Interview – Poland
Ottawa Light Rail Series
Auschwitz, Poland
Children’s Aid Society
Fallen Heroes – Italy
SOS Arandora Star – |Scotland England Italy Canada
Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
Ottawa Light Rail- 4 Helicopter Shoots
Ortona Italy Documentary
Marco Polo Show – Chinese
The China Earthquake Fund Concert and Video
Hubei Dance Group from China Video and Music Performance
Music Video – Give Peace Another Chance
The Restoration of Halifax NA337
Nanton Museum – 25th Anniversary
Oshawa Navy Reunion
Oshkosh AirVenture Video Series
Battle of Britain
Air Cadets
Astronaut Interview with Chris Hadfield

Senator Anne Cools Series
CCSR Project 2009 / 2010
President Vincente Fox – Mexico
President of China Visit to Ottawa
Chinese New Year Events 2008 – 2015
Oceanography Conference – London, England
Malta Video
Bomber Command Memorial – London, England
Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 18 Videos
The 25 Year Project
VAC Award Ministers Medal
British High Commission – Ambassador Andrew Cary
US Ambassador Wilkins
Richmond Virginia Presentation Video by Halifax 57 Rescue Canada
Clearwater Florida Aviation Video
Queens 60th Anniversary Medals Awarded in the Senate with Senator Anne Cools
Tribes – Anthology I Project
Art Flow Gallery Series
Chinese Music Concert Featuring Minghui
Jia – Chinese Olympic Gymnast Video
Quilt of Belonging
NAS – Nanton Aviation Station
Club of Rome – 16 Environmental Videos

YouTube – Search:
Song – Prophecy
Story – The Tales of Tallimar Introduction
Videos – China
Videos – The Canadian Journey
Videos – HAN Sweden

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