Jamieson Mackay

Jamieson Mackay is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Ottawa-Hull. His debut solo LP, Like A Spring, is a lyric rich dive into the early 70s world of piano driven folk rock, exploring themes of love and searching for freedom in this changing world. He navigates this hazy landscape with a voice bathed in emotion and subtlety. It sounds like a hazy August bike ride by the river. It sounds like a night walk through the cold rain in November. It sounds like a day spent watching the shadows pass from left to right, sitting silently by the window. It sounds like the look on the face of a dear friend, finally embraced after years in between. He has shared the stage with Andy Shauf, Jennifer Castle and Helena Deland as part of Jasmine Trails and Shadowhand, and inhabits a space somewhere in between these luminary artists.