Jody Marsolais

Jody Marsolais

Jody Marsolais

The Rythym Room
We spend 9 months of our lives 6 inches away from our mother’s beating heart,
the beat of the drum is in us all.”

Jody Marsolais is a Vic Firth Certified Instructor/Facilitator who offers:

  • dynamic team building for corporations and agencies
  • stimulating school workshops
  • serene crystal singing bowl meditations
  • effective programs for individuals or groups with special needs
  • entertainment for groups i.e. birthdays, Jack/Jill parties, weddings, etc..

Jody manages his private practice, The Rythym Room, teaching
instrument lessons and supports the Community through

Jody’s passion for music launched him into a full time career
as a music instructor and workshop facilitator. Jody provides services to retirement
homes, daycare centers, corporations/agencies, churches and schools.

At the age of five, Jody’s zeal for music and performance began. Jody would attend his
Mom’s performances at various events such as receptions and gatherings. Terry, his
Mom, began to introduce him to various instruments. Since then, Jody has become
proficient at percussion, drums, and guitar. His abilities extend to reading and writing
music theory.

Quantum physics, philosophy, creative visualization and meditation resonate with Jody’s
spirit. From these teachings, his desire has become rooted in the understanding that
healing can be achieved through a variety of sound modalities. His holistic workshops
have proven to be inspirational as the audience experiences a sense of peace and wellness
through the soft sounds of crystal singing bowls and meditation.

Building confidence and team skills through drumming has become popular in both the
profit and not for profit sectors. These workshops help develop focus and productivity
while increasing the ability to concentrate, retain and recall information. Jody’s school
workshops meet the Ontario Music Curriculum as a guide lines. These workshops are an
excellent form of ‘brain gym’, reduces bullying and builds self confidence.

The Rythym Room is a proud member of the both the Ottawa and the Cornwall Chambers
of Commerce. Visit or phone 613.937.3800 to learn more!