Larse Mantilez

My name is Larse Mantilez, 21 years old,  I’m a singer and songwriter. I have been  singing since my childhood as a hobby but  after middle school I started taking it  seriously in my Senior year, after

Graduating I took a year off to find myself in  what I wanted to do. I was recommended by a friend to take  performing art in Algonquin college  because of my hard work and creativeness.  My genre and artist that I listen to our  Soulful R&B, hip hop, ballad, POP, indigo  and my favourite artist of all time that really  impacted me and inspired me is Nathan John Feuerstein also known as NF. I am  studying Algonquin college in performing  arts to learn and to understand what performance is. I am working and learning different kinds of stuff such as acting, filming directing, editing, movement and  producing. My dream is to perform on  stage and I want to create and produce my own songs and make an  album that I want, and also my goal is to  direct a short film or skit and a music video  and my own music video. I always like to  consider myself as an over thinker in a  good creative way and a hard working  person. Fun fact about me is that they say  I’m a perfectionist and I’m scary when I get  serious but not to worry. That is just me being in the zone and I am a caring person and a  good listener.


Photo of Larse Mantilez holding up the peace symbol.