Maple Hill

MapleHill2014Maple Hill is an award winning bluegrass band that brings energy, emotion, fun and entertainment in their show. Built on the foundation that “it’s all about the song”, Maple Hill delivers strong vocals with fresh instrumental backup rooted in a traditional sound.  Maple Hill covers the full range of bluegrass from the early hard edged blues through gospel and on to today’s great songwriters.

Co-founders Garry Greenland and Pat Moore are joined by banjo player Sean Lundy on banjo, and Kevin Golka on mandolin. With Maple Hill the song and its story are always the focus with solos, duets, trios and quartets.

The Bluegrass Music Association of Canada, ValleyGrass, and The Central Canadian Bluegrass Committee recently honoured Garry, for his immense contribution to bluegrass music in Canada for teaching and mentoring. The timing was perfect as he celebrates 50 years as a bluegrass road musician.

Heart, drive, deep blues, inspiration, tight blend, and fun filled interplay between musicians are some of the things that describe a Maple Hill performance.