Marc Audet (North Renfrew)

Marc Audet is a folk music singer/songwriter specializing in historical songwriting. Marc has been actively performing throughout the Ottawa Valley including Ottawa, accumulating 450 gigs. He has also been active in recording and his discology includes 4 albums, The River (2019), Forgotten Memories (2022), Open Water (2023) and Those Days (2024).

Although Marc’s music can be heard on folk music radio shows, Marc is best known for his unique folklore show Forgotten Memories of the Ottawa Valley, which is 2 hours of stories and songs about the history and heritage of the Ottawa Valley. The recording and free distribution of this show during the COVID lockdown earned him a Certificate of Congratulations from MPP John Yakabuski.

Most recently Marc has been performing in a folk music group named North Renfrew with accordion, whistle, mandolin/banjo and fiddle accompaniment.
Musically, Marc has something to say.