Melwood Cutlery

Musician and singer-songwriter Melwood Cutlery, recipient of the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals “Songs from the Heart” award, for the song "Ballad of the Moonlight Lady" performed by Melwood on piano and vocal with the able assistance of Lynn Miles on vocals. (from CD "Campfire" released on the now defunct Borealis label, and recorded by Dave Draves at "Little Bullhorn" studio in Ottawa)
Melwood's songs range from “top forty folk” to “back forty country”, and all points in between, including but not limited to "Jazzy Blues". He has been described as “the hippest songwriter around” by the excellent David Francey, and this is a show that promises to deliver the goods.
The CD package for “Home in the Country” a more recent release was designed by acclaimed Ottawa area visual artist Crystal Beshara.
After serving a twenty year sentence in the city of Toronto, Melwood was shipped to Lanark County to pursue his artistic goals alone and with an assortment of local County musicians. Ongoing now for 14 years, the artist currently resides in the hamlet of Glen Tay , where he lives with his ageing cat Buddy two pianos, a few guitars and a billiard table.
He is currently embarking on a new recording project which is expected in late 2023, as well as a collaborative book project with illustrator Elizabeth Sawatzky also due at summer's end.