Living and working on the unceded, unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation, Ottawa-based Moonfruits – partners Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Millaire – are bilingual makers of contemporary folk music. In a forest of guitar, banjo, chord organ and glockenspiel, their voices burrow and soar. Here is a reverie, tender and powerful, beckoning listeners to elevate the stuff of everyday life.

Stingray Rising Star Award, SOCAN Award and Trille Or winners, Moonfruits have toured Canada, the Northeastern US, France, Belgium & Germany, moving audiences with a live show that mixes French and English organically, playfully, intentionally.

Moonfruits’ anticipated sophomore album, Salt, is a lushly orchestrated 12-song suite that explores what it means to the band to live, dream and raise a family in an era of climate change, deepening socio-economic inequality, and runaway profit-minded urban development. It tells stories of their families; their coming together as work and life partners; and the kinds of communities they hope to uphold and help build. Salt is set for release in Fall 2022 with lead singles poised to share in the run-up.