One World Music Club

World Folk Music Ottawa Presents:
Immigrants Youth Music Club

Through World Folk Music Ottawa, Alicia Borisonik has been working with a group of students from Lester Pearson High School composing songs. Most of these young talented, students are new immigrants or refugees coming from countries such as Congo, Uganda, and Armenia.

The students have committed to the program, discovered their love of music and found their collective voice through music and new friendships.

World Folk Music Ottawa’s mission is to provide various music programs for underserved populations. Currently we are working with three other groups ranging in age  from 1 to 80 years old.

In addition to this youth group from LPHS, Toddlers and mothers from the Confederation Court Community House meet to sing songs in Spanish, English, Swahili and Arabic. YOCISO (Youth Program from Ottawa Community Immigration Services Organization) meet to learn multicultural music, and we have a Spanish Senior’s Choir (Coro Casa de los Abuelos) get together regularly to sing.

All of this is possible thanks to the beautiful partnership we developed with the Principal and teachers from Lester Pearson High School, especially Rosie Mahoney de Torres who has been a constant help.

We also want to thank the support of City of Ottawa, Ottawa Community Foundation and the Carolyn Taylor Fund.

Alicia Borisonik