Pat Moore

Pat Moore is an Ottawa based maker of art – primarily a musician who writes and performs her own compositions as well as interprets the music of others, she also creates silver and copper jewellery in her home workshop, and is now the author of a kids book – Clean Water for Lukong, nominated in 2023 for an "Ottawa Faces Award".

Always one to seize an opportunity to learn and contribute, Pat eagerly jumped on board when she was offered the opportunity to travel to Kumbo Cameroon to teach business skills to the management and staff of the local Water Authority. While there, she was inspired to write the Kumbo Water Song, followed by the book, Clean Water for Lukong. The book was written in response to a request to send books back to Kumbo, and Pat decided the kids should have a book about themselves, and thus over 200 copies of the book were put in the the classrooms in Kumbo. Copies are also in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Kenya. They are a hit!  Clean Water for Lukon serves to tell the story of water, and as a literacy aid. There are very few books in Africa which are so colourful, and contextually appropriate.  In the western context the book serves to teach kids about another culture, as well as giving pride to kids who see themselves in the story.

As a musician and songwriter Pat found writing this book to be a natural addition to her creative endeavours.