Propeller Dance

Co-Founded by Shara Weaver, Renata Soutter and Alan Shain, Propeller Dance is an integrated dance company based right here in Ottawa. The company has performed all over the National Capital region and is capturing national attention for their ground breaking work in creating, teaching and performing integrated dance. Integrated dance involves dancers of all abilities – from those who use wheelchairs, to those who use sign language, to those who are able-bodied. The Propeller Dance company includes 8 dancers with diverse minds and bodies, who all have a great ability to dance! Rooted in contemporary and improvisational dance, pieces created by the company celebrate diversity in bodies, styles of movement and artistic expressions. At the core of Propeller Dance is the belief that dance is for all people. Their motto is “if you can breathe, you can dance”. The works aim to demonstrate that dreams can be achieved through hard work and belief in oneself. Find us on Facebook and @propellerdance

Workshop description:
Wheels on, Feet On, this creative movement and expressive workshop is for anyone! Accompanied by live music, artists Renata Soutter and Liz Winkelaar and members of the Propeller Dance company will bring you to an expansive and expressive place through movement explorations designed for all bodies and all minds, showing us that we are all able. No experience necessary! Enjoy a workshop of creativity through dance and movement where together we will enliven the space and build a choreography together. We like to say ‘all moves are good moves’ so leave judgement at the door, and join in the movement!