Sally Robinson

Sally grew up playing classical music.  At age 30, she took up bass guitar and co-founded the Toasted Westerns with her friend, Jody Benjamin.  So, her influences are from classical to country, and everything in between.

She just celebrated 40 years of living in Ottawa.  My goodness, she must have been 2 when she arrived! Ottawa has always been good to her.  She has her own piano teaching studio, with students who range in age from 7 to 77. Freelancing has taken her in many directions, from working with dance and theatre companies to playing with various instrumentalists and singers.  She accompanied the Ottawa Children’s Choir for 14 years and is presently exploring her Scottish/Irish roots, playing with the Ottawa Celtic Choir.

She plays clarinet & accordion in a band called the Shirt Tearing Boys, (not nearly as reckless as the name suggests) and, she leads singalongs – “Sing along with Sally” at Retirement Homes. From time to time, she performs her own material. If you ask her, she’ll play a House Concert in your home. You just have to provide the audience!  She also plays weddings, receptions and house parties. She’s happy to be participating with “women and funny songs” round robin at Grassroots this year. Oh, and she has a CD of original songs, called The S Files.


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