Samantha Christ François Trio

Samantha Christ François, a Haitian vocalist, embarked on her musical journey at a tender age of 7? within the embrace of her church. Her early exposure to singing ignited a passion that transcended language barriers, as she effortlessly navigates between French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Créole, and Swahili in her performances.
With a repertoire spanning across genres, Samantha's voice resonates with the soulful resonance of gospel, the rhythmic allure of R&B, the vibrant energy of Latin beats, and the timeless elegance of jazz. Her versatility knows no bounds, allowing her to seamlessly traverse diverse musical landscapes.
In 2020, Samantha's journey led her to Canada, where she found solace and opportunity in Ottawa. Since her arrival, she has become an integral part of the local music scene, collaborating with various musicians and artists. Her presence infuses the community with her rich cultural heritage and undeniable talent, enriching the auditory tapestry of Ottawa's vibrant musical landscape.