The Ottawa Baroque Consort

The Ottawa Baroque Consort is Ottawa’s Baroque orchestra on period instruments. We specialize in the repertoire from the Baroque and Classical eras, with a fresh perspective based on historically informed performance practices. Founded in 2005 by Olivier Henchiri, originally as a chamber ensemble, the Consort started performing as an orchestra in 2012. Our concerts offer audiences a new look at the 17th and 18th centuries through unique and entertaining presentations such as actor-led theatrical programs, audience challenge concerts, and engaging pre-concert talks. Website: Contact:, 613-400-1511.

Workshop at Grassroots

Can you tell Bach from Mozart? What makes Baroque music so timeless and enduring? Join us to explore the music of this era and find out why it was so revolutionary as compared with the Renaissance style that came before it. By the end of this talk you will be able to pick out counterpoint, melody, basso continuo, harmony, and other key characteristics of Baroque music. We will listen to Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons; you might have heard this piece a hundred times, but you won’t believe what you’ve missed! See a 300-year-old cello up close, and hear the softer, more nuanced sound it makes as compared with a modern cello. A lively lecture with lots of musical excerpts and demonstrations. No prior musical knowledge is necessary to participate.