Program 2014

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Last Update April 20, 2014

[tabbed tabs=”Friday April 25 | Saturday April 26 | Sunday April 27″]

Friday Schedule – April 25, 2014

Montgomery Legion (330 Kent St)
Time Grass Stage (Second Floor)
MC: Sarah Onyango
7:30pm Sparrows with Chris White
7:45pm The Monroe Sisters
8:05pm Concession 23
9:00pm Maple Hill

Saturday Schedule April 26, 2014

Montgomery Legion (330 Kent St) St. Barnabas Church (70 James at Kent)
Time Root Stage (Lower Floor) Ground (Main Floor) Grass Stage (Second Floor) Time
10:00 Remote broadcast of CKCU’s Canadian Spaces and Back 40 programs10am – 1pm Missy Burgess Kids songwriting 10:00-noon 10:00
11:00 Mark Weinstock Toddler performance 11:00
12:00 Ed Lawrence Introducing kids to gardening WORKSHOP The Early Years – With James Keelaghan, Lyndell Montgomery, Kristin Sweetland and Arthur McGregor 12:00
12:30 Gil’s Hootenanny Song-leading workshop with Chris White 12:30-1:45 12:30
1:00 Spirit of Rasputin’s Presents a Jam Session with Paul Spafford 1:00-2:30 WORKSHOP Ukulele kit-building for kids and adults led by Mike Leeworthy. Build your own playable ukulele. Karen Oxorn and Swing Guitars (jazz) 1:00
2:00 Captain Dirt and the Skirt Lyndell Montgomery Kristin Sweetland The Terry Penner Weekend Choir with Andy Rush – Practice 2:00-3:30 2:00
2:30 Catholic Centre for Immigrants Presents:Katayoun Malekmotiee 2:30
3:00 Festival of India presents Shout Sister Choir withJody Benjamin3:00-4:30 Russ Kelley Opener Jill Shipley 3:00
4:00 WORKSHOPMulti Instrumentalists with Hollis Morgan, Wendy Moore and Arthur McGregor WORKSHOP Exploring the banjo with Garry Greenland, Mary Gick, Maxim Cossette, Paul Spafford 4:00
4:30 4:30
5:00 Break 5:00
7:25 MC: Amanda Putz 7:25
7:30 Max Cossette sings “The Grassroots Festival Song” 7:30
7:40 Missy Burgess and kids performing the song they wrote that day 7:40
7:50 Amanda Bon and Gilles Leclerc 7:50
8:15 James Keelaghan accompanied by Hugh McMillan 8:15

Sunday Schedule – April 27, 2014

Montgomery Legion (330 Kent St)
Time Root Stage (Lower Floor) Ground (Main Floor) Grass Stage (Second Floor) Time
10:00 10:00
11:00 Sparrows with Chris White Spoken word performance: Ruth Stewart-Verger and Donna Stewart tell the true story of the Almonte Train Wreck 11:00
12:00 Fiddleheads The Terry Penner Weekend Choir with Andy Rush – practice 12:00
1:00 Kidzone with Selina Bishop and Maya Muller Brothers Aloud Working with Sound Energy with Jody Marsolais 1:00
1:30 Spirit of Rasputin’s Presents the Open Stage with Sjef Frenken (for kids and adults) 1:30
2:00 Neptune Music kids’ performances Sing-along – Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) with Mark and Sue Rogers 2:00
3:00 WORKSHOPDrumming with Jody Marsolais Gil’s Grassroots Hootenanny Sing-along Contest featuring The Hootenanny Band ((Chris White, Erin Saoirse Adair, Lyndall Montgomery, Elage Mbaye) and the four finalists: Keeping the Faith (Christina Marchant) Eighteen Cents an Hour (Mark Evenchick) #TarFree613 (Vela, Kevin Guerette, Rebecca Lantz) Minimum Wage (Terry McLeish, John Allaire) 3:00
4:00 DuetsGreg Kelly &Christina MarchantNorm Doucette &Lynn Stevenson. The Terry Penner Weekend Choir with Andy Rush 4:00
5:00 5:00

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