This Year’s Festival

Hello OGF audience members,
As you can imagine, this year’s Ottawa Grassroots Festival is like no other.  Because of Public Health guidelines and restrictions, the festival has had to become ‘virtual’ to keep the OGF community safe.
Attending a virtual festival is very different from coming to an in-person event.  While we do have the technology that allows for a virtual event, we know and appreciate that everyone may not be able to use it easily.
We are doing our level best to design an accessible website and newsletter where you will find all the information you need. We are also trying our best to use a ticket-buying platform that all may access easily. Lastly, we know that attending a festival on Zoom will be considerably different and may not work with various accommodative software.
Your comments and patience are welcome.  If you should require more information with any aspect of your festival experience, please send us an email at:
During the lead up to the festival, we will be offering some training sessions to help you learn more how to use Zoom so that you can get the most out of OGF 2021, these will be offered on the following dates/times:
Also, check out this series of how to videos:

Finally, feedback is very important to us.  Just as we have done with our live events, we will be asking for your feedback through a survey.  We want to know what worked well for you, as well as how we can improve and make OGF as accessible as it can be.