Workshop (March 19, 2017)

Successfully Pitching your Music Business Workshop
Sunday March 19, 2017. 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa

Want to learn how to get booked for more gigs and have a chance to win a $200 paid performance at the 2017 Ottawa Grassroots Festival!? We’re presenting an interactive workshop to make artists aware of the business half of their music experience. It will take place March 19th from 2-4 at Southminster United Church, and the cost is only $30 and all proceeds go to the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. Attendees will learn techniques and tips using role-playing to help them get a gig.

Concept: This workshop will teach artists how to successfully run their business as a business. Whether your into music, photography, or other forms or art, there is something for everybody to learn at this workshop. This will be a two-hour interactive workshop to practice what you learn and the person who has the best pitch will win a performance spot at the 2017 Ottawa Grassroots Festival on Sunday April 23rd at 11:00 am.

The purpose of the workshop is to make artists aware of the business half of their music experience. This will be an interactive workshop with role-playing to give artists the confidence required to approach a music presenter and promote themselves for the purpose of getting a gig. We will call this the “pitch”. We will be practicing a live pitch, which is useful when encountering a presenter in person, as well as an email pitch. There will also be many other tips given that artists can use to make themselves more desirable in the eyes of the presenter. There will also be a handout to summarize the different ideas.

The cost to attend is only $30 for the workshop. Each artist will leave with the tools to successfully run a business. To practice what you have learned, there will be a contest for attendees to give the best email pitch to Bob Nesbitt after the workshop. The winner will be awarded a 45-minute spot to perform at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival at 11:00am on Sunday April 23rd 2017. The winner of this contest will also be paid $200 for the performance at the festival. 

All proceeds from this event will go to the Ottawa Grassroots Festival

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