Virtual Choir Sign-Up

We’re excited that you’re interested in participating! This year, we’re working as a virtual choir – and we’ll be creating a video with all the participants. We have a professional video and audio person working to make the choir sound fantastic, and we want to make sure there are no barriers standing in the way of your participating.

We want to make this fun and interesting, not a daunting technical challenge – so please complete the form below, and let us know if you think you’ll need a hand with the technical side, because we are planning on having other participants who know more about technology to help you!

Choir Resources

Virtual Choir Sign-Up

  • The following will help us to know what resources we will need to provide to ensure everyone is comfortable participating in this project.
  • We need to receive your files via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive - texting your video (or sending through Facebook Messenger) reduces the quality too much to be included.

Funders / Major Sponsors