Performers 2018

April 26-29, 2018

    • Albert Dumont

      Scheduled during the evening concerts
      Saturday April 28, opening address, Sanctuary
      And scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      (Algonquin, Kitigan Zibi, Anishinabeg)

      Albert Dumont is a Poet, Storyteller, Speaker and a Traditional Teacher. He was born and raised in traditional Algonquin territory. He has been walking the “Red Road” since commencing his sobriety in 1989. He has published four books of poetry and short stories and one children’s book written in three languages. Several organizations, both native and non-native, are currently featuring his poetry in their promotions, among them are the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health and the Native Veterans Association.

      Albert has dedicated his life to promoting Aboriginal spirituality and healing and to protecting the rights of Aboriginal peoples particularly the young. He is the father of two daughters and grandfather of four grandchildren.

      Albert Dumont is the Founder of Turtle Moons Contemplations.

    • A participatory dance demonstration and workshop with Amanda Bon

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming.
      Sunday April 29, 11:30 am – 12:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Amanda Bon is an independent contemporary dancer from Ottawa. Since graduating from the professional contemporary dance training program at The School of Dance (Ottawa) in 2005, she has worked as an interpreter for several local choreographers including Caroline Barrière (Caroline Barrière Danse), Cathy Kyle Fenton, Sylvie Desrosiers (Dorsale Danse), and Noémie Lafrance (Sens Production). She is also a member of the local contemporary dance company Tara Luz Danse, under artistic director and choreographer Anik Bouvrette. In addition to contemporary dance, Amanda is also a flamenco dancer, having studied with Juliana Pulford (Theatre Flamenco) in Ottawa, as well as various world-class instructors at the renowned flamenco academy Amor de Dios in Madrid, Spain. She remains active in the local dance scene through collaborations with local emerging artists and freelance teaching, and continues to hone her craft by pursuing regular training and workshop opportunities in Ottawa and beyond. Amanda’s passion for the arts is not confined to dance. She has a parallel career as a singer/songwriter, and has two CDs to her name, Juniper Weekends (2011), and Down the Road (2013). She is also a certified Pilates instructor with The Ron Fletcher Company, and teaches out of her home studio in Ottawa.

    • Anne Hurley and Jim Videto

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Anne Hurley and Jim Videto, an emerging folk duo named  ‘Walk on the Wire’, are  from the National Capital region. Their music is heartfelt and reflects images of nature and a range of styles, emotions and experiences.

      They have composed and performed songs for benefit shows for the Alzheimer Society in Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa and have also played in festivals in Cobalt and Jasper.  They are looking forward to performing in May on the train to and from Vancouver as part of the Artist on Board program.

      Jim and Anne were finalists in the Grassroots Song-Along Competition in 2015.

    • Baby and Toddler Workshop

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming.
      Saturday April 28, 11:00 am – 11:50 am, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Music discovery for babies & toddlers (bilingual).

      Éveil musical pour bébés et tout petits! (bilingue).

      Music discovery for babies & toddlers (bilingual)
      Come sing along with me! This session is a great way for babies and toddlers to develop a taste for music through song and movement, and by exploring a variety of instruments!

      Éveil musical pour bébés et tout petits! (bilingue)
      Venez chanter avec moi! Cette session permet aux bébés et tout petits de développer le goût pour la musique à travers la chanson et le mouvement, ainsi qu’à l’aide de plusieurs instruments de musique!

    • Campbell Woods

      Scheduled during the evening concerts
      Saturday April 28, Opener, Sanctuary

      Campbell pays attention. He’s been doing it for years in the bars of the Ottawa Valley, festivals and halls across Eastern Ontario, the whole map of Halifax music venues: The Carleton, The Company House, Gus’ Pub etc…plus sitting in and jamming with and opening for friends from across Canada. He sings and plays guitar, most of the time he can cover bass and keys, too.

      Along the way, Campbell paid attention to mentors: Brian Kobayakawa, Lynn Miles, Marcus Mosely, Drew Gonsalves. He paid close attention to the legends: Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Linda Ronstadt.

      His record, Oxford Street, testifies to a sound that is contemporary while evoking the weathered qualities of his many homes (the Fundy Shore, Lanark County, downtown Halifax, Ottawa, Victoria).

      His songs are all about attention paid and stories revealed. They are his stories and his songs, but an evening with Campbell Woods is an invitation to be reminded of your stories, our stories, and how they all echo around the room when truth is told.

    • Champagne Sundays

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Sunday April 29, 11:00 am – 11:20 am, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Champagne Sundays is an Ottawa based jazz-folk girl group with tunes to snap your fingers to and honey sweet harmonies. Champagne Sundays consists of two 20 year old singer-songwriters, Jazmine Wykes and Emma Bornheimer. The two came together in 2016 during their first year of university. Both instantly fell in love with one another’s songs and they have been singing together ever since. In the fall of 2017, the two girls teamed up with good friend and bassist Emily Baird, and jazz-drummer Cameron MacDonald to form Champagne Sundays- named after one of Jazmine’s songs about lazy summer days.

      The girls are inspired by soul-filled female jazz singers such as Lianne La Havas and Ezperanza Spalding. Their songs are very lyrically charged and they love to experiment with harmonies. As the band grows, the girls are playing more and more in Ottawa and surrounding areas, and will soon be recording their first EP.

    • Clarissa Fortin

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming,
      Saturday April 28, 2:30 pm – 2:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Clarissa Fortin grew up in the small town of Port Elgin, studying classical voice, hoarding overdue library books, and searching in vain for fairies on the shores of Lake Huron. After moving to Ottawa for university she took up guitar and began writing songs as a way to deal with homesickness.

      Clarissa composes lyrical odes to spiders, birds, turtles, and occasionally humans. During the summer of 2017, she performed at the Maawanji’iding: Festival Canadiana in Owen Sound, and was selected as a Youth Discoveries performer at the Summerfolk Music festival. She also recorded and released an EP called “Nothing and Everything.”

    • Doreen T Stevens

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Doreen Stevens, Local Artist Algonquin Kitiganzibi, Quebec . Spirit name Anamitagize-Odaying” One who speaks with the heart. “Actress Singer -Songwriter Spoken word Multi talented visual Artist 3rd year student Indigenous Theater school Toronto Ontario.featured in various films and performance Art throughout Europe, Australia , and USA and Canada. Art Exhibits “The creation Story.” Mosaic Turtle depicting the Algonquins of the great lakes region on Turtle Island ,the Wampum belts, the elements and water the blood life of mother earth. Aki. Turtle Island conservation ,First Nations Art Garden, Toronto Zoo . Danforth-perth community Center Art garden Toronto. Mosaic outdoor bake oven. A community development project Red-pepper Spectacle Arts .” Aninatig”meaning medicine and is a means of survival and is still used in our ceremonial sugar moon. The four colours of leaves represent four medicines, directions along with the Kokoom grandmother watching over us. As well as the depicting of the four seasons. mosaic entitled by Artist Aninatig ‘ maple tree. Sakahan Connecting Aboriginal Youth with Indigenous Art.National Gallelry of Canada . Doreen received a medal of Volunteer recognition award from MP depute Mauril Belanger for the Creation of the Wabano Street Theater on parliament Hill .The Art that rooted me to my culture” a short film documentary and music of her Cd entitled poetryaki songs for the Earth is the art that fuses her creativity together, it is a weaving of our stories. we all have a connection , a sound a vibration, it becomes stronger when we become closer to our own spiritual realm.” We weave our stories into it. it never breaks. When were with the creation , outside , we our outside of ourselves, in it, working for it, stretching it, weaving it , binding it, together. We all have ties, and we are all unique, so, when we call one another, or what we call one another identifies that uniqueness. kaadamo or Anamitagize-Odaying. is my spirit name. One who speaks from the heart. Creativity is a multi-layered connectivity of spiritual formation in motion.

      Doreen Stevens is an acress/singer and third year student at Centre for Indigenous. Credits include:The sacred GiftRed Earth White EarthWindigoThe Blood of the Hunter, Black Robe, Sheaweh, Participated in Olympics 2000 Sydney Australia, opened up for Ian Tamblyn at the National Arts Centre in 2007, Ottawa Folk Festival for Natalie McMaster. Stage Venues: “Love me directed by Spider Woman Muiriel Miguel, Forgive those Who Trespass by Arturo Fresione. Healing Mother by Judith Thompson in the Leaves of Forever national Tour, White Buffalo Calf Woman play 2008 Narrator and Spirit Woman The Sacred Circles, A play on family violence Conference Saskatchewan directed by Bruce Sinclair, The Blood Remembers workshopped by Thompson Highway and Veronique St Pierres, The Rez Sisters in 2008 in Toronto. Received Volunteer recognition Award through Parliament in 2001 for the participation in the Creation of Wabano Street Theatre, Performer in the band Nime which means “She Dances”.

    • “Dr. John” Hodgson

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming:
      Sunday April 29th, 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      John was born in Louisiana and raised in Ottawa in a singing family. He hooked on to the folk craze early, working as kitchen help, hootenanny MC, and occasional performer at Le Hibou. He left Ottawa in 1968 to pursue an academic career, but never stopped singin’, pickin’, and grinnin’. He pretty much confines his playing to open stages in Edmonton these days, and is delighted to be invited to perform at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival. Expect to hear folk and traditional country music and maybe a joke or two.

    • Emma Lamontagne

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming:
      Sunday April 29th, 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Emma began turning heads in 2016 after winning RBC Bluesfest’s “She’s The One” competition, a Canada-wide talent search for emerging female artists. The “She’s The One” judges were captivated by Emma’s voice and her ability to deliver an emotive live performance. Emma’s renditions of “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood and “Life of the Party” by Shawn Mendes earned her top honours, along with a chance to produce her own material. Since winning the “She’s The One” contest, Emma has worked with some venerable names in Canadian songwriting, including the Fourth Floor Productions writing team, as well as Robyn Dell’Unto and Kevin O’Brien, to name a few, allowing her to hone her craft even further. Her debut single “I Don’t Sleep” has gained 300K streams on spotify since its release in July 2017. It peaked at number 16 on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 chart, and reached number 1 on CKDJ 107.9’s first Top 10 of 2018. She is dedicated to pursuing a career as a touring artist.

    • Gil’s Hootenanny Original Sing-Along-Songs

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming,
      Saturday April 28, 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm, Room 7 (upstairs)

      Building on the long tradition of working together to create melodies and lyrics for protest songs, Gil’s Hootenanny is hosting a unique event that will feature recent, collaboratively-created, original “Songs of Protest, Songs of Hope” at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival.

      In preparation for “Gil’s at Grassroots”, Gil’s Hootenanny is sponsoring an innovative, collaborative songwriting workshop led by singer-songwriter Jamie Anderson. The aim of the Workshop is to generate original and sing-alongable songs of hope and protest, sharing and celebrating the stories, struggles and victories of working people. The workshop will bring together established and novice songwriters to craft, finesse and finalize musical and lyrical ideas for songs. Gil’s Hootenanny is honoured to present the new songs at the “Gil’s at Grassroots” event on April 28, 2018 at 4:00 pm.

      Hosted by Tamara Levine, other performers at “Gil’s at Grassroots” will include Jamie Anderson, the Elizabeth Riley Band, Chris White, Mark Evenchick and Clarissa Fortin.

      Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 will mark the 9th year for Gil’s Hootenanny, Ottawa’s annual community sing-along. Inspired by the legacy of Gil Levine and first presented in 2010, the Hootenanny has seen increasingly larger audiences who join featured artists and the house band in singing along with new and traditional songs of hope and protest.  The featured artist in 2018 is Eve Goldberg ( The MCs for the 2018 Hootenanny will be Tony Turner and Karen Flanagan McCarthy.

      The 2018 Hootenanny will take place on Tuesday, May 1st at 7:30pm in the Clarke Room at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive. Staffed by UNIFOR members, the RA Centre is accessible, has loads of parking and is well serviced by OC Transpo. Tickets are $10.

    • Graham Lindsey – Tradhead

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming,
      Sunday April 29, 3:00pm – 3:50pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Graham Lindsey, Peter Taylor and Kristan Couture bring to the stage new and traditional tunes and songs. Graham plays mandolins and banjo, and his tunes were part of the Carillon recital series on Parliament Hill (the Carillon consists of the 53 bells inside the Peace Tower) and in Sweden as well as festivals and in concerts in Canada. Peter’s voice is powerful and moving, perfectly matched by his accordion and guitar work. Kristan is a brilliant fiddler and songwriter with a beautifully pure voice. They all enjoy a few good tunes, so don’t be surprised when you feel like dancing!

    • Greg Kelly

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Sunday April 29, 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Greg is a singer-songwriter, born in Ottawa, who finally started recording at an upper middle-aged time in his life.

      He has three CD’s to his credit;

      Broken Windows, 2008 produced by Kate and Hollis Morgan,

      Slow horses, 2012, produced by Hollis Morgan and Greg Kelly

      Ghosts, 2016, produced by Keith Glass

      Greg also runs a weekly music series each Saturday at 1:00 pm at the Black Irish called Tunes After Noon, where he has featured artists performing in all genres of music…from Folk to Jazz to Country, to Classical…and everything in between.

      Greg is currently the artistic director for Spirit of Rasputin’s.

    • Howie Hooper

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming.
      Sunday April 29, 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      With the distinctive low rumblings of a seasoned voice, expressive singer/songwriter Howie Hooper delivers bold, insightful emotionally charged stories fueled by colourful characters that create captivating, strong and immediate connections. Howie’s songs give a powerful voice to the language of relationships with an honest confidence; capturing a moment in time, leaving you with a lasting memory. His songs are not only written from the heart, they are written from the pain as well.  This Ottawa born songwriter is soon to be releasing a collection of his most compelling songs to date.

    • Instument Building with Mike Leeworthy

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming.
      Saturday April 28, 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm, Room 7 (upstairs)

      Mike Leeworthy operates Frogman Original Cigar Box Guitars from his home workshop in Limoges, Ontario.

      He has been building Cigar Box Guitars since 2007.

      For the workshop, there will be a maximum of 20 participants and only one instrument per family so that as many families can participate as possible. Children are able to share building an instrument. To reserve your spot, please email Emily Mountjoy at, or in person at the workshop if space remains.

    • Isabelle Delage

      Performing during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm, Room 7 (upstairs)

      A native of Quebec and veteran of the West-Island based group Plain Folk (Just When You think), singer-songwriter Isabelle Delage is active on the folk scene as a performer and as co-founder and organizer of the Side Door Coffee House in Pierrefonds, Quebec, and of the Tilted Steeple Coffee Housein Morrisburg, Ontario, where she now makes her home. Isabelle’s first solo album, The Inundation, is a collection of original songs, vignettes that tell stories of life, love, loss and hope. A mother of five, Isabelle draws her musical inspiration from daily life as well as historic and current events, in a vibrant, soothing acoustic sound that has earned her a loyal following. She recently released her second album, Songs From My Little Couch, at dual events in Quebec and Ontario. Isabelle will be accompanied by bandmates Mick Perreaux (guitar, banjo, mandolin) and Val Teodori (bass, accordion).

    • Jam Session with Paul Spafford

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Sunday April 29, 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm, Room 5

      After growing up on Conservatory piano and punk guitar, Paul moved to Ottawa and discovered how to play folk and the blues on acoustic instruments. He has been seen at various open stages around the city, and even gets a gig once in a while.

      Since 2012, Paul has also been the host of the Spirit of Rasputin’s weekly folk jam, which currently takes place on Tuesday nights at The Vimy Brewing Company.

      This year’s jam at the festival will be run the same as past years: Everyone sits in a circle and takes a turn leading a song. When it’s your turn to lead, you choose the song, and sing it, and everyone else joins in to the best of their abilities. If you’re too shy to lead a song, don’t worry. Give Paul a frightened look and he’ll pass you by – but please keep playing along with everybody else. It’s always a great time!

    • James Blondeau

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 1:00 pm – 2:20 pm, Fellowship Hall (basement)

      Since last year’s appearance at Grassroots, James has performed two live concerts in Sweden while there producing an underwater video documentary. He recently returned from producing a documentary shot in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, China.??His appearance this year will be held in the Fellowship Hall and he invites everyone to the program which with feature live music, a special guest artist, videos synced with his original songs about Canada and segments from his book, The Tales of Tallimar narrated by Sjef.

      James Blondeau is a musician, composer, video director and internet content producer from Dunrobin, Ontario. He has been  performing music for a number of years including club gigs and live concerts.

      James has written and co-written over 160 original songs and created the science fiction fantasy story, The Tales of Tallimar. His music ranges from folk to rock and has produced music videos for a number of local Ottawa artists.

      Music Appearances in

      Canada – 10 Provinces
      Algarve, Portugal
      Hamar, Norway
      Warsaw, Poland
      Krakow, Poland
      Gerrardsbergan, Belgium
      Lille, France
      London, England
      Liverpool, England
      York, England
      Amsterdam, Holland
      Apeldornn, Holland
      Bardi, Italy
      Nanton, Alberta
      Richmond, Virginia
      Museum of Civilization
      Canadian War Museum
      Canada Day – Kanata
      100 Years Concert – CFB Petawawa
      Clearwater, Florida
      Freeport, Bahamas
      Lake Land, Florida
      Discovery Train
      Producer/Director – Video Productions

      Tholthorpe, England – RCAF Reunion
      The POW Reunion – Ottawa
      The History of Medicine – Canada Wide
      The Canadian Journey 1992
      TimeKeeper’s Video Contest
      TimeKeeper’s Video Collection
      The Belgian Forest
      Youth Service Canada
      Canada Remembers Holland
      NCC  Trees and People
      NCC  UN Peace Keepers Statue
      Great Escape Reunion
      POW Reunion – London, England
      The Recovery of Halifax NA337 – Norway
      The Recovery of Halifax LW682 – Belgium
      Vimy Ridge and Beaumont Hamel

      Music Videos

      Garnet Challenger
      Natalie Rey
      Maria Knapik Videos – Opera
      Yu Meng
      Judith Heather
      Samantha Testa
      Jun Li
      President Lech Walesa Interview – Poland
      Ottawa Light Rail Series
      Auschwitz, Poland
      Children’s Aid Society
      Fallen Heroes – Italy
      SOS Arandora Star – |Scotland England Italy Canada
      Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
      Ottawa Light Rail- 4 Helicopter Shoots
      Ortona Italy Documentary
      Marco Polo Show – Chinese
      The China Earthquake Fund Concert and Video
      Hubei Dance Group from China Video and Music Performance
      Music Video – Give Peace Another Chance
      The Restoration of Halifax NA337
      Nanton Museum – 25th Anniversary
      Oshawa Navy Reunion
      Oshkosh AirVenture Video Series
      Battle of Britain
      Air Cadets
      Astronaut Interview with Chris Hadfield

      Senator Anne Cools Series
      CCSR Project 2009 / 2010
      President Vincente Fox – Mexico
      President of China Visit to Ottawa
      Chinese New Year Events 2008 – 2015
      Oceanography Conference – London, England
      Malta Video
      Bomber Command Memorial – London, England
      Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 18 Videos
      The 25 Year Project
      VAC Award Ministers Medal
      British High Commission – Ambassador Andrew Cary
      US Ambassador Wilkins
      Richmond Virginia Presentation Video by Halifax 57 Rescue Canada
      Clearwater Florida Aviation Video
      Queens 60th Anniversary Medals Awarded in the Senate with Senator Anne Cools
      Tribes – Anthology I Project
      Art Flow Gallery Series
      Chinese Music Concert Featuring Minghui
      Jia – Chinese Olympic Gymnast Video
      Quilt of Belonging
      NAS – Nanton Aviation Station
      Club of Rome – 16 Environmental Videos

      YouTube – Search:
      Song – Prophecy
      Story – The Tales of Tallimar Introduction
      Videos – China
      Videos – The Canadian Journey
      Videos – HAN Sweden

    • Jamie Anderson

      Jamie Anderson will be leading a free Ukulele Jam during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28th, 1:00 pm  – 1:50 pm. Room 5 (upstairs).

      Bring your uke and jam with us on everything from folk to rock! Beginners on up, all ages. You should know 3 or 4 chords and be able to change them without stopping. Music will be provided. Not a class but playing tips will be offered. Jamie Anderson, jam leader; she leads a weekly Tuesday night jam at Arturo’s in Vanier. Find them at Beechwood Ukulele Jam on Facebook.

      Biography of Jamie Anderson

      “… a barrel of laughs and a whole bunch of talent.” – Amanda Putz, CBC Radio

      Singer-songwriter-teacher Jamie Anderson has played her unique original songs in hundreds of venues in four countries. She’s also a popular music teacher and uke jam leader in Ottawa. An instructor for 18 years, she’s taught everything from punk to bluegrass to her students of all ages. Through leading a weekly jam, she’s learned that indeed, you can play Green Day on a ukulele. She loves her jammers but she wishes they would get up and dance when she politely asks.

      Touring for 30 years, Jamie’s released 10 albums. She’s folk without the Birkenstocks, country without the big hair, and jazz without the weird chords. Songs include everything from the tongue-in-cheek “Run,” with heartfelt advice to a friend dating a loser, to the more solemn “Black and White,” a thoughtful jazz number about growing older.

      Jamie’s dad was a country musician, a painful thing for a teenager who would rather listen to Carole King, but it did mean there were always instruments lying around the house. In high school she memorized every guitar chord in a Mel Bay songbook, and for the next few years played local coffeehouses and weddings. Jamie did her first US national tour in 1987 because she needed to earn gas money to get to a music festival. She’s been collecting tiny motel soaps ever since.

      Jamie’s also an author. Her memoir, Drive All Night, was published in 2014. Her extensive writing credits include Acoustic Guitar,, SingOut! and more. She’s currently writing a book about early women’s music.

    • Jean-Marc Lalonde et ses Amis

      Scheduled during the evening concerts:

      Francophone Night: Thursday April 26th, Headliner, Sanctuary

      Originaire de Penetanguishene-Lafontaine en Ontario, Jean-Marc Lalonde fit son entrée sur la scène professionnelle à l’âge de 14 ans. Suivirent des tournées avec des groupes tels que Brasse Camarade et Yvan et les voyous. Lors de ses années universitaires, Jean-Marc ramassa l’accordéon diatonique pour se changer les idées. En 1997, il se joint à la formation trad-pop, Deux Saisons, et pendant près de dix ans il fit tournée en Europe, aux Etats-Unis et partout au Canada. Il a ensuite tourné avec la formation la Ligue du bonheur, un spectacle folklorique qui allie le conte, la chanson, la musique, et la danse traditionnelle. Il a joué devant le Duc et la Duchesse de Cambridge lors de leur tournée nuptiale du Canada. Il a tourné en tant que musicien et bruiteur avec le conteur Stéphane Guertin, entre autres. Il a gagné plusieurs bourses et prix, notamment, des prix Trille-Or (APCM – meilleur spectacle 2017), le Billochet du jongleur (CFOF), et plusieurs prix Coup de foudre de Réseau Ontario. Il tourne présentement avec le groupe de folklore-massif, Hey, Wow.

      Originally from Penetanguishene-Lafontaine Ontario, Jean-Marc Lalonde is a musician and educator who began touring the world at the tender age of 14, first as a drummer and later, as an accordionist/singer/songwriter. He spent ten years with the Franco-Ontarian folk group, Deux Saisons, and then formed the traditional group, La Ligue du bonheur. His work with these two groups earned him « Le Billochet du jongleur », awarded by le Centre Franco-ontarien de folklore in 2013 for exceptional contribution to Franco-Ontarian oral tradition, as well as many other industry awards. In 2014, he won the francophone prize in FMO’s « Songs From The Heart » songwriting competition. In 2015, Réseau Ontario awarded the prestigious « Coup de foudre » prize, as well as two other prizes to his most recent project, Hey, Wow. He has been president of l’Association des professionnel(le)s de la chanson et de la musique (APCM), and has also served as a director on the boards of Réseau Ontario and the OCFF. Finally, Jean-Marc earned the distinction of having entertained the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their nuptial Canadian tour. He is currently touring with Hey, Wow (awarded the Trille-Or for best show of 2017), valiantly trying to destroy complacency and unhappiness wherever he can.

    • Jordan King

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 11:00 am – 11:50 am, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Phoebe Jade and Jordan King are a pair of singer/songwriters native to Ottawa. Their duo combines their love of meaningful folk music and tight-nit vocal harmony.

      Phoebe has performed with Ottawa folk band Hey High Sun, winners of Algonquin college’s battle of the bands, and most recently lends her stunning vocals to 7-piece folk-rock band, Maple Grove. A life-long musician, she always makes time for singing in stairwells.

      Jordan has performed in the Ottawa music scene for the better part of a decade, fronting a number of rock groups and persuing his solo project. He is the lead singer of Maple Grove and plans to persue a career of professional musicianship.

    • Kaleigh Watts

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming:
      Sunday April 29th, 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Kaleigh Watts is a Canadian musician and songwriter, born a songbird of the wild, water, and woods. Her alto singing voice has been described as raw and hauntingly beautiful, which perfectly complements her rhythmic fingerpicking on acoustic guitar and her old soul as a lyricist. Watts captures listeners with her intimate musicality, nostalgic melodies on her vintage würiltzer electric piano, and on-stage performance charisma. When joined by her band, Watts debuts an elevated sound with lush arrangements of bowed bass and subtle drums that project warmth and juxtapose with her somber lyrical themes.

      Watts is an artist whose works reflect her location. She released her debut album “Smoke Lake” in 2014; an intimate and minimalist project that was recorded without electricity in her family’s cabin and along portage trails in Smoke Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario. Many of the tracks were inspired by the familiar surroundings of Algonquin, and include field recordings and textures of the park’s wildlife and natural atmosphere. Watts is now singing songs of the city with her new album “Hung Me Dry”; a collection of songs composed during and inspired by Watts’ time living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. “Hung Me Dry” is an emotional and evocative art piece that illustrates Watts’ longing for relief amid the solitude and darkness of a city. Watts opens her grieving heart for the duration of the album, engages your own heart’s strings, and immerses your memory with hers of a mid-sized metropolis.

      During her time in Canada’s capital, Watts obtained a Bachelor of Music degree from Carleton University, and was mentored by many significant Canadian musicians, including Juno Award and C anadian Folk Award winner Lynn
      Miles. Watts, a sterling performer, has captured audiences with notable performances at the National Arts Centre, RBC Ottawa Bluesfest, CityFolk Festival, City of Om Yoga Festival, and tours in eastern Canada.

    • Karen Oxorn Jazz Duo – “They Say It’s Spring”

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming, Sunday April 29, 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm, Room 7 (upstairs)

      Spring is in the air! To celebrate both her favourite season and the 45th anniversary of the move from her hometown of Montreal, Ottawa jazz vocalist Karen Oxorn has put together a set list of popular jazz standards for your enjoyment. Please join her and Montreal guitarist Joe Miskin for an easy-going performance that is sure to put a spring in your step!

      Karen Oxorn

      Karen Oxorn’s musical journey began later in life when she discovered that singing along to Ella Fitzgerald helped her deal with the heartbreak of a failing love affair. The romance ended but her love of performing has been going strong ever since. Karen has developed a dedicated following and has performed at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, GigSpace, the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, Merrickville’s Jazz Fest and the Buckingham Buzz Festival as well as at local jazz clubs. Noted jazz historian Ron Sweetman describes Karen’s singing as having “real feeling and a subtle swing in a deep, rich voice.” Jacques Emond, founding artistic director of the Ottawa Jazz Festival, commented: “Talented and versatile Karen Oxorn is a very interesting vocalist. She has a warm and swinging straightforward voice skilled with ballads as well as upbeat songs.” In addition to singing and producing concerts, she enjoys supporting the music community in a variety of ways and is the former Artistic Director of Merrickville’s Jazz Fest and hosted “Swing Is In The Air” on CKCU-FM radio for a couple of years.


      Joe Miskin

      With over 45 years of professional experience, Joe has performed as a guitarist in and around Montreal primarily in the styles of jazz, funk, and R&B. He has appeared in connection with the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Quebec Jazz Festival, Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, and Joliette Blues Festival as well touring Canada with a Broadway show and performing as the theatre guitarist on the Queen Mary II and several other cruise ships.

    • Kate Weekes

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm, Room 7 (upstairs)

      Northern wilderness adventurer Kate Weekes captures the landscape of her travels in song.  Dog mushing above the Arctic Circle on a Norwegian fjord in the winter of 2017 has influenced her most recent body of work.  Kate’s live performance is laden with candid stories of human migration and time in the bush.  Kate was received the 2017 Songs from the Heart Award from Folk Music Ontario in the political category for her song ‘Sing it to the Hills’.  She is currently working with James Stephens as producer for her 3rd solo recording project.

    • KidZone with Selina Bishop & Jessica Carboni

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm, Room 5, (upstairs)

      This year’s KidZone will feature a Grassroots-Style photo booth with lots of fun props, led by talented local photographer and model Jessica Carboni, and KidZone’s own Selina Bishop!  You can take your photo with the family camera, or you can have your picture taken and emailed to your inbox. We will have lots of creative fun, and learn a little too!

    • Larissa Desrosiers

      Performing during the free daytime programming,
      Saturday April 28, 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs);
      Sunday April 29, 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Larissa is an emerging Anishinaabekwe singer\songwriter from Couchiching First Nation and Fort Frances in Northwestern Ontario. Her music is a blend of folk-inspired sounds and social justice issues, particularly around contemporary Indigenous issues in Canada. Larissa is completing her studies in the Bachelor of Music program at Carleton University. She has studied with Lynn Miles and Don Ross in the Singer/Songwriter stream and is also pursuing a minor in Indigenous Studies.
      Larissa’s interest in music started at a very young age. She began writing songs when she was 6 and performed at her first talent show at age 7. By 13, she was performing her own songs. In 2010 she entered the Aboriginal Music Tour competition for young artists, winning the opportunity to be the opening act to award-winning Shy-Anne Hovorka’s weeklong tour in Southern Ontario. This is also the year that Larissa participated and performed in the Galaxy Young Performer’s Program at the Winnipeg Folk Festival for the first time. Larissa was later invited to be a singer when Shy-Anne Hovorka was the selected soloist in 2011 to perform compositions from her album Interwoven Roots for the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra and invited to tour throughout Ontario for two weeks. In 2013, Larissa was a performer at the Harmony of Nations Music Festival in Fort Frances, ON alongside Buffy Ste. Marie and in 2014, she wrote and performed a song for this festival’s opening ceremonies.
      More recently, she played the Phil Ochs Festival in Ottawa, the Winnipeg Folk Festival as a returning participant of the Stringray Young Performers Program, as well as a sold out show of her own works in her hometown. Larissa has appeared on stage with artists like Keith Secola, Joey Stylez, and Ryan McMahon. She’s currently recording a Demo CD as a part of her final courses at Carleton. After graduation, Larissa is looking forward to furthering her musical aspirations.

      Larissa performing Phil Och’s song “A Year To Go By” at the Phil Ochs Tribute

    • Leela Gilday

      Scheduled during the evening concerts
      Friday April 27, Opener, Sanctuary;
      & Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      A passionate singer/songwriter and soulful performer, Leela Gilday has a voice that comes straight from the heart. Confessing her stories to her audiences with a gutsy
      voice and open stage presence, Gilday weaves her experiences as a northerner, a member of the Dene nation, and a traveler into a beautiful world that transports the

      With four full-length recordings and a long touring history, Gilday has numerous awards to her credit, including a Juno (Canadian equivalent of a Grammy), two Western Canadian Music Awards, Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year to
      name a few. Above all, she seeks connection with her audiences through music, and with each record brings more unique stories to the world. Whether it’s an anthem
      for the oppressed, or an upbeat song about mortality, she infuses her songs with a sense of humour as well as a sense of social justice, and an ironic appreciation of
      human folly.

      Based out of Yellowknife, NT, Leela has toured festivals and concert halls with her four-piece band through every province and territory in Canada. She has also
      played internationally in several countries including Japan, US, Greenland, Denmark, and New Zealand. Her live shows, and many appearances on television and radio
      have earned her an important place in the Aboriginal music scene, as well as a loyal mainstream following.
      Her latest record “Heart of the People” resonates with the heartbeat of the earth and the connection we all have to it as human beings.
      “Fresh, open and with a big, clear voice, she knocked our collective socks off.”- PATRICK LANGSTON, OTTAWA CITIZEN
      “Leela Gilday’s voice comes straight from the heart. It’s the voice of a winner; the song of a warrior. That’s the call of Leela Gilday.”




      • 2015 Western Canadian Music Award Nominee- Aboriginal Recording of the Year
      • 2015 Juno Nominee – Aboriginal Album of the Year
      • Poster promotional choice for “Northern Scene” in Ottawa- April 2013
      • Musical Director for the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards Finale (2012, Global, APTN)
      • Artistic Director for “A Circumpolar Soundscape- March 2012
      • Aboriginal Female Entertainer of the Year 2011 – Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
      • Best Aboriginal Recording- Western Canadian Music Awards 2010
      • Best Female Artist – Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2010
      • Best Folk Album – Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2010
      • Best Music Video – Dreamspeakers Festival 2009
      • Juno Award Winner- Aboriginal Recording of the Year 2007
      • Western Canadian Music Awards- Best Aboriginal Recording 2007
      • Indian Summer Music Award Winner- Best Folk 2007
      • “Northerner of the Year”- Up Here Magazine 2007
      • Nominee- 3 Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards 2007
      • Nominee- 2 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2007
      • Nominee-Best Songwriter- Aboriginal- Canadian Folk Music Awards 2007
      • Juno Award Nominee- Best Music of Aboriginal Canada 2003
      • Winner of 3 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best Female Artist, Best Folk Album and Best Songwriter


      “You Are Not Alone” -copyright 2015 music video Produced by Artless Collective
      “Rescue” – copyright 2014 Music video Produced by Artless Collective
      “Heart of the People” –copyright 2014 Diva Sound Records Produced by Murray Pulver
      “Great Canadian Songquest- Road Songs”- copyright 2011 CBC Records (compilation)
      “Calling All Warriors”- copyright 2009/2010 Diva Sound Records Produced by Adam Popowitz
      “One Drum”- copyright 2007 Music Video produced by Big Soul Productions
      “Sedzé” – copyright 2006 Diva Sound. Produced by Teppei Kamei and Leela Gilday
      “Sweet Rebel Music”- one song on compilation by Spirit Magazine
      “Dig Your Roots”- one song on nationally-distributed compilation CD
      “spirit world, solid wood”- copyright 2002 Diva Sound Records Produced by John Switzer
      “Indian Girl” – copyright 2001 demo at CBC studios
      “Truly Something” –CBC records compilation

      Ottawa Citizen Lineup Article

    • Lorne Weiner with Danny Artuso

      Performing during the free daytime programming
      Sunday April 29, 1:00pm – 2:50pm, Fellowship Hall, Downstairs

      Lorne Weiner is an Ottawa singer-songwriter who has written a diverse mix of tunes over the last 10 years.

      Lorne works hard to create insightful, poetic lyrics. He writes everything from love songs to 21st century protest songs, to bluesy allegorical tunes.

      He is currently recording his first CD with Ottawa producer/ musician Danny Artuso.

      You can hear him play at Irene’s and Whispers Pub on their Open Stages.

    • Lynn Miles with Keith Glass

      Lynn Miles

      Scheduled during the evening concerts
      Saturday April 28, Headliner, Sanctuary

      There’s something to be said for experience, for taking the time to grow into your own skin. All sturdy things need time to root ?rmly into the ground to ?nd their strength.

      Lynn Miles is one of Canada’s most accomplished singer/songwriters. With twelve albums to her credit, the winner of multiple Canadian Folk Music awards (2011 English Songwriter of the Year), and a 2003 Juno award for Roots and Traditional Solo Album of the Year, she has certainly found her strength over time.

      Through a career that has seen her move from Ottawa to Los Angeles and back again, with stops in Nashville and Austin TX., and a healthy touring schedule that regularly takes her through the US, Europe and across Canada, she has always created and performed music with unbridled feeling and vulnerability.

      Lynn song “Three Chords and the Truth” was recently chosen as the closing song on the popular BBC TV series “Case Histories”.

      Lynn’s new release “Downpour” has been receiving glowing reviews.

      Five out of five stars in Maverick Magazine:

      “Lynn Miles excels at exquisite melancholy and delivers another aurally addictive course of intensive treatment”.

      – Arthur Wood

      Five out of Five Stars in “Country Music People Magazine”

      “The wonderful new album has the singer in top form, as she creates 11 incredible soundscapes…has she ever sounded better…with her new album she has aimed for the sky, and scored a direct hit.” – Paul Riley

      Folk Roots/Folk Roots Branches:

      “I’ve a deep appreciation for almost all of Lynn’s past work and several of her albums are favourites from my music collection. Downpour, though has quickly become my favourite Lynn Miles album (at least until her next one)- and that says a lot”

      • Mike Regenstreif


      Keith Glass

      Scheduled during the evening concerts
      Saturday April 28, Headliner with Lynn Miles, Sanctuary

      Keith has been playing and touring with Ottawa singer/songwriter Lynn Miles for over 16 years. He has produced albums for several artists, as well as playing and singing on many more. His last solo album, 2013’s Bad Dog, shows Glass in his songwriting prime.

      Keith is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, mandolin, bass), producer, and a founding member of Prairie Oyster, a group which enjoyed a very successful career and critical acclaim, including multiple Juno and CCMA awards. Often cited as the country’s foremost roots/country band, they toured extensively in Canada, the U.S. and Europe over a career that spanned almost four decades. In 2008, they were inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and also recipients of a SOCAN Songwriter’s lifetime achievement award.

      When not playing with Lynn, the Keith and his band play regularly and are currently working on a new recording, due for release in spring 2018.

      Facebook (Band)

    • Marc-Antoine Joly

      Scheduled during the evening concerts:
      Francophone Night: Thursday April 26th, Opener, Sanctuary

      Marc-Antoine Joly est un auteur-compositeur-interprète originaire de Hawkesbury, une petite ville dans l’est ontarien près d’Ottawa. Multi-instrumentiste, on a pu l’entendre à la guitare dans son ancien groupe francophone Akoufen, mais également dans In Bright Lights, The Great Diversion et comme musicien pigiste notamment pour Céleste Lévis (participante à La Voix – version canadienne de The Voice), Le Groupe Swing, Gabrielle Goulet, et plusieurs autres. Marc-Antoine fait également de la conception sonore pour des pièces de théâtre entre autres le Théâtre Dérives Urbaines, le Bateau poème et plusieurs autres. C’est avec Akoufen que Marc-Antoine fait ses débuts dans la scène franco-ontarienne. L’album Le sixième sens permet au groupe de se rendre au top 3 des palmarès francophones sur iTunes. Ayant remporté le prix Coup de foudre à Contact ontarois en 2011, il a fait plus de 50 spectacles dans les réseaux scolaires ontariens. De plus, c’est avec Gabrielle Goulet qu’il poursuit la tournée scolaire en 2015. Guitariste et vocaliste pour Céleste Lévis, il fait la tournée “Radart” partout au Nouveau-Brunswick, le lancement d’album au théâtre Corona à Montréal et la tournée québécoise premièrepartie de Francis Cabrel au printemps et à l’automne 2016. De plus, il a fait la tournée Coup de foudre 201 6/2017 avec Céleste Lévis. Marc-Antoine appartient aussi un studio d’enregistrement avec son frère Simon. C’est avec son album Au plus bas qu’il se retrouve au numéro 7 des palmarès francophones d’iTunes. Toujours à la création, il enregistre présentement dans son studio de nouveaux extraits afin de lancer un album complet.

      Born in Hawkesbury Ontario, Marc-Antoine Joly is a versatile singer songwriter who records under the name of JOLY. Initially known by the french public, he played for different artists in various venues. Marc-Antoine is a prominent guitar player, singer and vocalist. From Akoufen (Coup de foudre-Contact ontarois showcase in 2011), In Bright Lights and The Great Diversion. In the last decade, he is a freelancer. He is the official guitar player and vocalist for Céleste Lévis, semi-finalist of the television show La voix french version of The Voice.With Céleste, he was also direct support of the Francis Cabrel In Extremis Tour all over Quebec. He is an experienced musician having delivered over four hundred performances.His debut album Au plus bas was number 7 on itunes francophone charts. His recent project JOLY is a folk rock ambient musical experience that ensembles musical tones, structures, rhythms and melodies under one universal theme: grappling with the stigma of desolation.

    • Mark Evenchick

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming.
      Sunday April 29, 1:00 pm – 1:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Mark Evenchick is a prodigious writer of stories in song. With well over one hundred songs penned, it was a hard choice to select just 13 for his debut CDIncident at the Hang Dog Saloon.

      An active local musician and volunteer with The Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society, you will find him every Monday evening at Whispers Pub as one of the hosts for that Open Stage.

      Mark Evenchick

      Mark Evenchick


    • Merideth Brown

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming,
      Sunday April 29, 1:00pm – 2:50pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      “Folk with a dash of Celtic”. Merideth Brown is unique among her peers. Currently based in Ottawa, this entrancing singer-songwriter is on the rise having recently returned from a tour in Jalisco, Mexico. She is now organizing a self-funded cultural exchange tour throughout Ireland. You can grab a copy of her EP (or upcoming album) to hear both soulful and lighthearted music…however if you’re ever going to hear “The Turkey Song” or “The Smornin’ ” you’ll have to check her out live!”

    • Mike Regenstreif

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming,
      Saturday April 28, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm, Sanctuary

      Mike Regenstreif is an editor, writer and broadcaster now based in Ottawa who has written about folk and roots music since the 1970s for Sing Out! Magazine, the Montreal Gazette and many other newspapers and magazines. His radio show, Folk Roots/Folk Branches, was heard on CKUT in Montreal from 1994 to 2007 and he has contributed to many other radio programs in Canada and the United States. Mike is now one of the rotating hosts of Saturday Morning on CKCU in Ottawa where his programming is based on the Folk Roots/Folk Branches format he developed at CKUT. He is also one of the occasional co-hosts of Canadian Spaces on CKCU.

      Mike was co-artistic director of Vermont’s Champlain Valley Folk Festival in 2000 and 2001. In the 1970s and ‘80s, he produced most of Montreal’s folk-oriented concerts and ran the Golem, establishing it as one of North America’s leading folk venues of the era. From 1976 to 1982, he also operated a small agency booking concert tours for such artists as Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Priscilla Herdman, Bill Staines, Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick, Mason Daring & Jeanie Stahl, and Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn.

      In 2014, Mike was recipient of the Ottawa Folk Festival’s Helen Verger Award for “significant, sustained contributions to folk/roots music in Canada.” In 2017, he was one of the inaugural inductees into the Folk DJ Hall of Fame created by Folk Alliance International.

    • Moonfruits

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming:
      Saturday April 28th, 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Groupe sur scène, couple dans la vie, le duo Moonfruits crée un folk qui donne voix à ses valeurs et son imaginaire. Guidées par le banjo et la guitare, leurs harmonies envoûtantes transportent le public dans un univers qui célèbre le pouvoir rassembleur du quotidien.

      Cheeky, atmospheric and vulnerable, bilingual folk outfit Moonfruits prides itself on crafting honest music that transports the listener. Stripped down arrangements bloom into soundscapes that dance around soaring harmonies and storytelling. Expect imagery-first folk music that captivates listeners and celebrates common ground.

    • Noah James

      Performing during the free daytime programming,
      Sunday April 29, 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Combining his musical university training, his upbringing in RnB, and his years of songwriting, Noah James brings a fresh take on modern soul music that will leave you wanting more. His shoes usually consist mostly of his originals, which speak on family troubles as well as heartache. These originals will be intermittently spliced with covers ranging from Paula Abdul to Radiohead. If you enjoy a night filled with soul, laughs, and groovy tunes, a Noah James show is definitely not one to miss.

      You can keep up to date on shows, music releases, and covers by following Noah James on the following social media platforms:

    • One World Choir and World Folk Music Orchestra for Kids

      Scheduled during the evening concerts
      Friday, April 27, Pre-Opener, Sanctuary

      This is an interesting combination of children from Syria and Africa (World Folk Music Orchestra for Kids) and adults from different cultural backgrounds (One World Choir) We get together once a week to sing a repertoire of songs that come from many spiritual, cultural and musical (including folk/roots, pop, gospel and world music) traditions. The songs are arranged for vocals and percussion/strings accompaniment. We use xylophones, ukuleles and other percussion instruments.

      Our mandate is to sing, socialize, and have fun. We are directed by Alicia Borisonik, created by World Folk Music Ottawa and funded by Ottawa Community Foundation, Carolyn Taylor Fund and private donations. We had performed in various locations including: Merrickville, Almonte, Smith Falls, MacDonald Corners, Wakefield and we will be participating at Westfest 2018.

      World Folk Music Ottawa is a non-for profit organization. Our purpose is to deliver programs and projects, in partnership with all aspects of the folk and world music industries, that will benefit the less privileged of all ages, their families, and communities.

      Since 2013 we had been offering music projects for immigrants, refugees, low-income communities and underserved populations of all ages.

      Our principal achievements:

      • Scholarships at the Ottawa Folklore Centre (2013)
      • March Break Camp for children of new immigrants (2014)
      • World Music Kitchen Party, eight musicians from different cultural backgrounds got together for 6 practices and produces a final concert.
      • Community Based African Drumming Program  (2015). African drumming lessons in 7 community houses.
      • World Music Orchestra for Kids (2017/18) we taught music in three community houses: Banff, Russell Heights and Confederation Court, training kids with ukuleles, xylophones, percussion, and singing.
      • One World Choir (2017/18) the choir is for immigrants of all ages and all backgrounds. This is a “no experience” necessary choir that focuses on community, sharing, and friendship.

      We had received funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario Arts Council, City of Ottawa, Ministry of Citizenship, Ottawa Community Foundation and Socan Foundation.

      Article about ONE WORLD CHOIR in the Ottawa Citizen
      Some of our videos
      Documentary about One World Choir
      World Music Orchestra for Kids

    • Open Stage led by Sjef Frenken

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Sunday April 29, 2:00 pm – 3:50 pm, Room 7 (upstairs)

      Sjef Frenken has been hosting the Open Stage at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival since its inception. Every year the Open Stage grows and Frenken is pleased to see new and returning participants. The Open Stage at the OGF is a popular event, and a showcase for some remarkable talent. The Open Stage is interested in drawing new performers, especially young ones. And, of course, listeners! Be sure to be among them. You can also catch Sjef running the Open Stage every Monday night at Whispers Pub & Eatery in Westboro.

    • Phoebe Jade

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 11:00 am – 11:50 am, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Phoebe Jade and Jordan King are a pair of singer/songwriters native to Ottawa. Their duo combines their love of meaningful folk music and tight-nit vocal harmony.

      Phoebe has performed with Ottawa folk band Hey High Sun, winners of Algonquin college’s battle of the bands, and most recently lends her stunning vocals to 7-piece folk-rock band, Maple Grove. A life-long musician, she always makes time for singing in stairwells.

      Jordan has performed in the Ottawa music scene for the better part of a decade, fronting a number of rock groups and persuing his solo project. He is the lead singer of Maple Grove and plans to persue a career of professional musicianship.

    • Sarah Howard

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming:
      Sunday April 29th, 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Sarah Howard is a bilingual singer-songwriter based-in Ottawa. Since 2015, she has been completing a Bachelor of Music in songwriting at Carleton University, under the mentorship of Lynn Miles. Sarah was set on a musical path from a very young age, as she spent days on end singing and creating songs in the peach orchards of her hometown, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Sarah’s early influences are eclectic, including all of her mother’s favourite albums – from Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Nat King Cole to some of her favourite women songwriters, Carole King and Joni Mitchell. Later influences include favourite artists Leslie Feist and Laura Marling. Having spent part of her adolescence near Lille, France, Sarah is also an avid Francophile. Ultimately, folk is where her heart is, as she delivers bittersweet tales of travel, love, and loss with a jazz vocal style. In 2017, Sarah was finalist for the MusikOttawa showcase, with other performances at Remixed 2017 and Girls to the Front at Irene’s Pub. In 2018, Sarah will be graduating from Carleton and is currently working towards releasing a début EP about her hometown, entitled Niagara. Sarah is also a co-founder of Muse Collective (, a community group dedicated to providing networking and professional development opportunities to women and girl musicians in Ottawa. This included an inaugural event to pay tribute to Canadian women in Juno’s, with more programming to come in 2018.

    • Sneezy Waters and His Very Fine Band

      Performing during the evening concerts
      Friday April 27, Headliner, Sanctuary
      and there will be a Sneezy Waters workshop during the free daytime programming
      Sunday April 19, 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm, Fellowship Hall (downstairs)

      Legendary Ottawa-based folksinger Sneezy Waters grew up in a musical family – his mother, Helen, played piano and sang, and his father, John, had sung in the Hart House Glee Club. Along with a brother John and sister Julie, weekend evenings were spent singing many styles of folk songs together.

      As a child, Sneezy sang in St. Luke’s Church Choir with choirmaster Leonard Foss.

      Later in his teens, Sneezy started performing folk music in coffee houses, primarily Cafe Le Hibou (Ottawa). While he performed solo, he also performed in various groups including “Nev and Pete” (with Nevile Wells), and “The Children” (with Chris Anderson, Sandy Crawley, Bruce Cockburn and Neville Wells).

      Sneezy, along with Susan Jains, first played the NAC Terrace in June 1969 as “A Rosewood Daydream”; they later played at Expo 70 in Osaka, and spent another year playing residencies in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vientiane, All India Radio and Copenhagen.

      Upon his return to Canada in 1971, he became Ottawa’s very first busker, after which he formed “The Great Sneezy Waters and His Excellent Band”, which toured for many years across Canada, in all Provinces and Territories, and were featured on many network and radio T.V. shows.

      From 1977 until 1992, under direction of Peter Froelich, Sneezy starred in the title role in “Hank Williams – the Show He Never Gave” in over 800 performances from Canada, to the United States and Europe.

      In a subsequent film version of the play, Sneezy won the Best Actor Award in the 3e Festival du Film Musical in Grenoble, France. The film was nominated for Best Country Motion Picture in the 19th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Los Angeles, losing out only to “Tender Mercies”.

      Sneezy has been playing over the last several years at the NAC’s Fourth Stage and other local venues to sold out shows featuring “The Very Fine Band” consisting of Dave Bignell and Vince Halfhide – guitars; Ed Bimm – keyboards; Ann Downey – upright bass; and Peter Beaudoin – drums. They play a very wide range of Passionate Music from many genres and eras. It’s not a show to be missed.

    • Steve Palmer

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm, Room 7

      Raised on gospel, country and the blues, the old time influences on a young prairie picker with a love of Doc Watson made him a good fit for psychedelic folk-rock bands touring and playing support for most of the big name suspects during the ‘60s UK invasion. And then more steady dues paid as guitarist-for-hire in country bands working the rural Alberta bar scene. He started using his voice only in the ‘80s, when he’d picked some west-coast time to study music a bit more formally. But it wasn’t ‘til he returned home to care for his mother that he found personal respite and freedom in becoming a solo performer. Now based in Gatineau Quebec, he travels a troubadour circuit around Western Canada and the Northwestern US.

      Fifty years as a traveling musician is a lot of road, and Steve Palmer is still playing and still touring. Grown enough to sing about life and simple pleasures with all the unhurried authority of a quiet and simple folk-singing road-survivor.

      In 2017 Stephen Hardy Palmer was inducted into the Edmonton Music Hall of Fame.?Sometimes compared to Hoyt Axton, Leonard Cohen, or John Prine, the echoes of Doc Watson remain clear on his albums, “Roots and Strings”, “Morning Road”, and “Prairie Airs”.

      • Colin Lazzerini- ‘Root Cellar Records’

      Audio Sample

    • Tao Hipwell

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, 10:00 am – 10:50 am, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Tao Hipwell is a singer songwriter from the Ottawa Valley. She lives on a small homestead in the Thousand Islands with her partner, two young sons, their dairy goats, and a handful of chickens.

      Her thoughtful lyrics bring deep Canadian roots to raw, original folk music. Tao picked up playing the guitar from her father, and while attending Trent University in Peterborough, began to play regularly at local coffee houses and pubs. Her lyrical nature and playful way with words keeps the attention of listeners of all ages, and her songs are equal parts romantic ballad, war cry, and whimsical lullaby. Tao’s first album, ‘Owls and Rafters’, was released in July 2017. She plays most summer Saturdays at the local Farmer’s Markets.

    • Terry Penner Weekend Choir, Rowena Pearl

      Scheduled during the free daytime programming
      Saturday April 28, practice 10:00 am – 11: 50 am, Room 7;
      Sunday April 29, practice 10:00 am – 11:50 am, Room 7;
      Sunday April 29, performance 4:00 pm – 4:50 pm, Room 7

      The Weekend Choir is a ”pickup” choir that includes any and all people, regardless of ability. The emphasis is on FUN and Rowena Pearl makes it fun. There is a practice on Saturday morning, another on Sunday morning, and they close the festival on Sunday afternoon

      Rowena Pearl Bio

      With her unique enthusiasm, Rowena Pearl’s talent shines especially bright when she engages all ages in making music together.

      Rowena brings her love of music together to audiences as a music director of school, church and community choirs in the Kars, North Gower and Osgoode areas.

      She is also a popular music teacher, introducing a love of piano, ukulele and bass to her students.

  • The Great India Festival

    Scheduled during the free daytime programming
    Saturday April 28, 3:00 pm – 3:50 pm, Room 5 (upstairs)

    The Great India Festival will showcase a performance that can be seen during their festival

    The Great India Festival (TGIF) is a premier Indian organization in the National Capital Region that celebrates Canada’s multicultural heritage and provides opportunities for various cultures to meet annually face to face, to showcase their cultures in various ways, to appreciate and respect all cultures, and to make Canada the best place for all. This three day extravaganza which runs from August 10th to the 12th, features superb musical and dance acts from India and North America, more than sixty workshops ranging from cooking and how to put on a sari to yoga to Bollywood dancing. In addition, more than twenty vendors satisfy the needs of the patrons with their wares ranging from Indian jewelry to quality handicrafts. There are Panel Discussions on important current topics by distinguished scholars and an essay contest open to all. To top all these activities, the famed Indian cuisine from all regions of India is freshly prepared on site and delights the most demanding of palates.