Performers 2016

  • Alan Sandeman

    Alan Sandeman Bio

    Alan is going to accompany Sophie Léger in the opening performance on Friday April 22.

    Alan Sandeman was born and raised in Ottawa and has been playing guitar since his early teens and has more recently taken up the bass. He is an integral part of the local band “Assembly Required” and is a singer/songwriter in his own right. His first CD should be available in April 2016.

  • Amanda Jordan

    Amanda Jordan is 19 years was crowned Miss South Eastern Ontario in 2015 and was selected as one of the Top Three Most Talented, in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, in Toronto. Amanda was invited to sing her original song “Carry You” written to support soldiers with PTSD on the final night of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Toronto. This performance may be seen on her website at


    Amanda has been singing literally since she was in her crib. We often tell a story about her when she was about 18 months old. The caregiver reported that Amanda was singing “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” while standing in her crib at age 18 months. At first we did not believe this but within in the next few days we heard her singing this song ourselves. With a little research we found that it was one of the songs on a nursery rhyme tape that we played for her each night before she went to bed.  We never did figure out what the trouble was that she had seen at such an early age.

    High School

    IMG_3881Amanda auditioned for and was accepted at and attended Canterbury School of The Arts in Ottawa where she studied vocal. We live is a small town called Smiths Falls which is about an hour and a half away from the school.  Each day Amanda traveled for two and half hours one way to get the school. She took a car then another car than a yellow school bus. She would get up at five in the morning to start her journey each day as she loved music so much.  In the last year there she was given a singer songwriter award by her vocal teacher Mr. Caswell. He joked with her that he had to create this award for her as they actually did not teach signwriting in the vocal program, at that time.

    Song writing

    Later that fall after graduating, her first country single hit the airwaves in Canada, called Letting “It Go Tonight.” This song was about the difficulties of moving on after a relationship comes to an end.  The song did chart and people seemed to enjoy her music. Amanda writes music about important issues that she feels needs a light shone on them.  She writes about the importance of healthy relationships for teens in another song called Blindsided.  In another original music video, “Breathe Easy” , which is on her website, she writes about mental illness and the importance of supporting friends when they are going through difficult times. 


    Amanda was cast as a singer in the movie Killing Daddy with Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious. The movie has been playing internationally on the Lifetime channel for over a year. Amanda appears about four times singing and playing her guitar. The movie company bought two of Amanda’s original songs.

    Charity Work

    This summer Amanda produced a Youth Charity Talent Concert and invited talented youth from the community to perform in the beautiful Station Theater in Smiths Falls. She was fortune enough to have Tony Leadman head of the Discovery Channel as a co-host with her and as well the renowned photographer John Rowlands was on site to photograph the amazingly talented performers. John was an official photographer for Elvis Presley for four years and he was been the photographer for the Beetles, The Beach Boys, The Who and many other famous musicians. The profits from Amanda show went to Free The Children, Open Doors Mental Health and Niel Doef a young boy in the community who suffered a spinal injury during a hockey game.

    Boots For Pups is a charity organization that trains service dogs for soldiers with PTSD. When she met the inspiring Major Nick Nicolas a 70 year old veteran this summer who decided to do a 13 day walk through the Rideau Trail from Kingston to Ottawa to raise funds for Boots For Pups she asked if she could write a song for his launch in Kingston this summer. She wrote Carry You which is a beautiful song that tells the trying story of solders suffering from PTSD. She performed this at the Miss Teenage Canada final evening of the Competition in the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Toronto and the live performance is on her website. This song brings tears to the eyes of many who here it and one soldier’s wife in the audience that night reached out to Amanda and said this song must get to all the Canadian Bases. Amanda would like to do that for the soldiers.

    In terms of other charity work Amanda has performed for the Brockville Palliative Care Telethon for several years each spring in Brockville.

    Amanda has performed for the CTV Cheo Sick Children’s Telethon for four years now and loves to entertain and be part of this incredible fundraiser in Ottawa each year.

    Amanda also was invited this summer to perform for the Summer Olympic Torch Relay as it came through her home town of Smiths Falls and Neil Doef the young man with the spinal injury carried the torch in his wheel chair. Neil is having a remarkable recovery and is now walking. Amanda visited him in Aug to deliver the funds she had raised at the Charity Youth Talent Concert that she hosted and he walked to the door to greet her.

    Amanda has also written a song called Got Your Back for a group of teen in Ottawa who suffer from Scoliosis. She performs each year at their charity fundraiser in Ottawa. In this photograph a special needs girl spontaneously joined her on stage to sing along.


    Amanda-Jordan-singingLast year Amanda enjoyed a couple of weeks in Nashville and she had an action packed time.  She performed on Nashville Spotlight which is a cable vision show.  She performed at the Wild wing cafe in a singer songwriter competition and she even sang at the Bluebird cafe on the open mic night. As well while she was there she made her music video for “Breathe Easy.” She loves Nashville and can’t wait to get back.

    Going Forward

    Amanda hopes to release her next single to country radio stations in the US and Canada in the next six months. She plans on spending some more time in Nashville in the spring when University is done to do some more song writing there and perhaps some co-hosting of Spotlight on Nashville. Here in Canada she is working on a cable TV talent show which is in its third year of production called Music Volume.  Amanda has been a co-host on that show and it was recently nominated for a provincial award. She has been invited to co-host a show called Innovative People and is hoping to pitch her own show to the Cable TV Channel called “Amazingly Talented Teens from the Valley”, where she would interview a talented teen each week and have them perform.

  • Arthur McGregor and Wendy Moore

    November 23, 2015 – The Ottawa Grassroots Festival (OGF) is pleased to confirm that singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, Arthur McGregor and Wendy Moore, will headline the Friday night (April 22) at the festival in Old Ottawa South, along with a few special friends. Now celebrating its 5th year, the festival will take place from April 21-24, 2016 at a new venue, The Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa.

    The recipient of the Unsung Hero Award for this year’s Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA) in November and founder of the Ottawa Folklore Centre, Arthur McGregor has made it his mission in life to bring music and people of all ages together, in accessible and affordable ways. Other notable awards he has received are the Helen Verger Award (municipal) and the Estelle Klein Award (provincial).  McGregor has been performing on stage, since he was 12 years old and later in life, together with his partner Wendy Moore, in the Celtic Rathskallions.

    Wendy Moore is the founder, manager and one of the lead performers of The Celtic Rathskallions. She has also played the oboe and English horn with the Kingston Symphony for 10 years and is a published poet and short story writer. “I love bringing music, storytelling and step-dancing to elementary students, educators, and families all over the world. Such a wide range of audiences keeps us on our toes!” says director, musician, author and performer, Wendy Moore. The headlining performance of McGregor and Moore will include some musical friends that will be announced in the Spring.

    “Arthur and Wendy have supported the festival since the very beginning” says Bob Nesbitt, Festival Producer. “The closing of the Ottawa Folklore Centre, this year, has been extremely hard on them and the community.  As is often the case, when one door closes, another one opens.   It’s time for the community to give something back to the man who has given so much to all of us. ”

  • Bucko (Chris Binkowski)

    Photo Credit: Murray MacLeod

    Bucko (Chris Binkowski) plays improvised synth jams on his mobile sound + light system. The music is created live on an iPhone. A 400 watt portable speaker is mounted to Bucko’s power wheelchair on a custom designed plexiglass shelf. During the night, LED lights glow as they wrap around Bucko and his chair. He has busked over 80 times with this set up. This led to participation at Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche 2013 representing the Ottawa Art Gallery, performing at Chinatown Remixed Festival and the Arboretum Festival in 2014. March 2015 Bucko opened for Rich Aucoin at Ritual. Other performances in 2015 included Tangled Arts Cabaret and the Forging Futures conference at U of Ottawa, and Citizen Advocacy of Ottawa’s In The Spotlight and Celebration Of People events.
    When not busking or volunteering, Bucko also makes large acrylic paintings. His current work in progress is 7 x 9 feet.

    Busking photo credit: Murray MacLeod

  • Céleste Lévis

    Dès les premières notes, Céleste Lévis vous séduira àcoup sur. Depuis son passage remarqué à La Voix III, elle brave les différent esscènes à travers le Canada où elle ne laisse personne indifférent. Cette fois,c’est avec son premier album qu’elle se présente à vous, accompagné de DavidFleury à la guitare et aux harmonies vocaux. Au Festival Grassroots d’Ottawa, Céleste sera accompagnée de Marc-Antoine Joly, de Martin Rocheleau et de notre invité spécial, David Fleury. Par ses chansons énergiques,envoûtantes et berçantes, l’auteur-compositeur-interprète de 20 ans trace certainement son chemin auprès des plus grands de la chanson francophone !

    From her very first notes,you will be entranced by Céleste Lévis’ singular voice. Since her impressive journey on the popular Quebec TV version of The Voice, she has taken the stage across Canada leaving no one indifferent. This time, it is with her debut album“Céleste”, that she presents herself, accompanied by David Fleury on the guitar and vocal harmonies. At the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, Céleste will be accompanied by Marc-Antoine Joly and Martin Rocheleau and special guest David Fleury. Through her songs, she conveys her unique depth and style that will surely lull those who take the time to listen. This 20-year-old singer-songwriter is defining her course among the best in francophone music!

  • Crisol (Raymundo Pizana and Friends)

    Crisol (formerly known as Soul Journey) is an Ottawa-based guitar group that was formed in 2012 when two guitarists met and quickly discovered that they shared a commonality of views.  They decided to make music together, along with others, sharing their musical influences and skills to create their unique blend of New Age Fusion with echoes of Latin, Persian and Flamenco rhythms.

    Raymundo Pizana, originally from Mexico, is a seasoned professional on guitar and bass.  He was influenced by Rock music (Santana, The Doors, and others) and also explored flamenco styles and world beats.  While playing with his band in Mexico, Raimundo was discovered by a Canadian entrepreneur and invited to continue his musical career in Canada, where he has played ever since with various Latin and Rock bands.

  • Dave Gunning

    Over the span of his career, Dave Gunning has received a Juno Award nomination and has been awarded two Canadian Folk Music Awards, along with eight East Coast Music Awards. The Maritime folk singer-songwriter has released his 11th solo album Lift, the first that was self-produced.  Influenced by folk icons John Allen Cameron and Stan Rogers, his songs reflect on folk, roots and celtic music, rich in storytelling.  “Gunning is the next big thing in the True North of Song, an artist as compelling, as assured and attentive to every nuance of the writing process, as Lightfoot, Cockburn and Stan Rogers before him.” (Toronto Star)

  • Denis Turbide

    Denis took up the guitar over 30 years ago. He tends to write and record fingerstyle guitar instrumentals but the occasional song has appeared.  He sings a wide variety of covers as well.  He has played gigs at local places like the Elmdale Tavern, Woody’s on Elgin St and the Black Bear.  Over the last few years, he has been concentrating more on licensing his music for TV/film placements.  He has had several placements in programs on Discovery, TLC, History Channel and Animal Planet.  He has even done a couple of commercials..

    Most of Denis’ music is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon…etc.  You can check out a sampling at:

    Denis will be accompanying Sophie Léger as the opener for Arthur McGregor and Wendy Moore and Friends on Friday night April 23, 2016 at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival.

  • Garnet Rogers

    Rogers started playing at the age of 6 with his older brother, the legendary Stan Rogers. The two would practice their harmonies while tuning in to the broadcasts of the Grand Ol’Opry. They took their act on the road after high school and would become amongst North American Folk Music’s most influential artists. Garnet Rogers is known as one of Canada’s finest baritones, utilizing influences of blues, rock, country/bluegrass and classical in his music. He has released 16 outstanding studio albums over a long career, filled with critical acclaim. Garnet is a man with a powerful physical presence – close to six and a half feet tall – with a voice to match. With his “smooth, dark baritone” (Washington Post) his incredible range, and thoughtful, dramatic phrasing, Garnet is widely considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the finest singers anywhere.

  • Gil’s Grassroots Hootenanny

    Gil’s Grassroots Hootenanny is an ongoing collaborative project created by the grassroots Festival and an annual sing-along event called Gil’s Hootenanny.  Held on May 1 (May Day) each year, Gil’s Hootenanny provides an opportunity for attendees to sing along with songs of protest and songs of hope.  The Gil’s Hootenanny organizers run a song writing contest each year to encourage more such sing-along songs to be written and sung.  The contest includes an adjudicated performance at the Grassroots Festival, with the winning song then being featured in the May Day event.  Last year’s winning song was Tony Turner’s “Harperman”, a song that subsequently “went viral” and was viewed over 2 million times!

  • Howie Hooper

    With the distinctive low rumblings of a seasoned voice, expressive singer/songwriter Howie Hooper delivers bold, insightful emotionally charged stories fueled by colourful characters that create captivating, strong and immediate connections. Howie’s songs give a powerful voice to the language of relationships with an honest confidence; capturing a moment in time, leaving you with a lasting memory. His songs are not only written from the heart, they are written from the pain as well.  This Ottawa born songwriter is soon to be releasing a collection of his most compelling songs to date.

  • Hummingbird Music Front-of House Workshop


    When it comes to live performances, the music is only part of the equation. Hummingbird Music Front-of-House coaching sessions help transform a performance by aiding in adding confidence, emotion, energy and more to the music. Take part in this live coaching demonstration and experience how an audience point of view and our professional coaching can take a performance to the next level.

    Hummingbird Music Limited

    Hummingbird Music Limited has been offering music related services in Ottawa for the past 40 years and is home to Nepean School of Music, Pebble Studios, Boulder Records, and more. Through the various divisions, Hummingbird Music Limited is able to take you from your very first music lesson, to performance coaching and artist management.

    Nepean School of Music is dedicated to giving our students the very best musical education possible, teaching well over 15 instruments in many genres. We have the largest teaching staff in Eastern Ontario, over 24 teaching rooms, a professional recording studio, performance venue!

    Pebble Studios specializes in providing superior audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Founded in 2001 we have spent over a decade delivering quality audio recordings that meet every budget.

    Our Professional Services division offers artists various services including artist management, event booking, marketing and design services, and event management.

  • Hummingbird Music Show Choir

    Hummingbird Show Choir:

    Hummingbird Show Choir is a triple-threat program designed to offer our advanced students a unique opportunity to grow as musicians and performers. Our competitive group has students grades 9-12 from all over the Ottawa region. The choir, along with our live Pit Band will be travelling to Toronto, ON to compete in a national competition this April

    Hummingbird Music Limited

    Hummingbird Music Limited has been offering music related services in Ottawa for the past 40 years and is home to Nepean School of Music, Pebble Studios, Boulder Records, and more. Through the various divisions, Hummingbird Music Limited is able to take you from your very first music lesson, to performance coaching and artist management.

    Nepean School of Music is dedicated to giving our students the very best musical education possible, teaching well over 15 instruments in many genres. We have the largest teaching staff in Eastern Ontario, over 24 teaching rooms, a professional recording studio, performance venue!

    Pebble Studios specializes in providing superior audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Founded in 2001 we have spent over a decade delivering quality audio recordings that meet every budget.

    Our Professional Services division offers artists various services including artist management, event booking, marketing and design services, and event management.

  • Jam Session led by Paul Spafford and Presented by the Spirit of Rasputin’s

    Spirit of Rasputin’s Folk-along Jam

    Spirit of Rasputins Folk-along Jam

    Spirit of Rasputins Folk-along Jam

    The Folk-along Tuesday jams continue at the Georgetown Sports Pub (1159 Bank St., south of Sunnyside) for the foreseeable future…great fish ‘n chips and apple strudel to die for.

    The Spirit of Rasputin’s Folk-along Jam has had a number of homes over the past few years. First The Georgetown, then Elmdale Tavern, then the Xpresso Café. Now it has turned full circle and returned to the Georgetown Sports Bar. The jam starts at 7:00 pm. It is an acoustic open jam, where musicians sit in a circle and take turns leading songs of their choice. While the jam sessions are not structured as a performance per se, everyone is always welcome to come and listen in, or join in the circle to play or sing. If you’d like to lead a song everyone might not know, or one of your own, chord sheets come in handy.

    Paul Spafford Bio

    Paul Spafford

    Paul Spafford

    Paul Spafford comes from the back woods of Odessa, Ontario, and moved to Ottawa in the mid-90s. After six years of Conservatory piano lessons, and a misspent youth of 70s punk guitar (after the 70s weren’t cool anymore), Paul discovered folk music. Now he plays mandolin and banjo, and is a regular at the Rasputin’s open stage, as well as hosting the Spirit of Rasputin’s weekly folk jam.

    Paul writes songs that give his unique perspective on whatever happens to be going on in his life at the moment, and also creates his own interpretations of songs by some of his favourite artists.

  • James Blondeau

    James Blondeau is a musician, composer, video director and internet content producer from Dunrobin, Ontario. He has been performing music for a number of years including club gigs and live concerts.

    James has written and co-written over 160 original songs and created the science fiction fantasy story, The Tales of Tallimar. His music ranges from folk to rock and has produced music videos for a number of local Ottawa artists.

    Music Appearances in

    • Canada – 10 Provinces
    • Algarve, Portugal
    • Hamar, Norway
    • Warsaw, Poland
    • Krakow, Poland
    • Gerrardsbergan, Belgium
    • Lille, France
    • London, England
    • Liverpool, England
    • York, England
    • Amsterdam, Holland
    • Apeldornn, Holland
    • Bardi, Italy
    • Nanton, Alberta
    • Richmond, Virginia
    • Museum of Civilization
    • Canadian War Museum
    • Canada Day – Kanata
    • 100 Years Concert – CFB Petawawa
    • Clearwater, Florida
    • Freeport, Bahamas
    • Lake Land, Florida
    • Discovery Train


    Producer/Director – Video Productions

    • Tholthorpe, England – RCAF Reunion
    • The POW Reunion – Ottawa
    • The History of Medicine – Canada Wide
    • The Canadian Journey 1992
    • TimeKeeper’s Video Contest
    • TimeKeeper’s Video Collection
    • The Belgian Forest
    • Youth Service Canada
    • Canada Remembers Holland
    • NCC Trees and People
    • NCC UN Peace Keepers Statue
    • Great Escape Reunion
    • POW Reunion – London, England
    • The Recovery of Halifax NA337 – Norway
    • The Recovery of Halifax LW682 – Belgium
    • Vimy Ridge and Beaumont Hamel
    • Music Videos:
      • Garnet Challenger
      • Maurina
      • Natalie Rey
      • Maria Knapik Videos – Opera
      • Yu Meng
      • Judith Heather
      • Minghui
      • Samantha Testa
      • Jun Li
    • President Lech Walesa Interview – Poland
    • Ottawa Light Rail Series
    • Auschwitz, Poland
    • Children’s Aid Society
    • Fallen Heroes – Italy
    • SOS Arandora Star – |Scotland England Italy Canada
    • Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
    • Ottawa Light Rail- 4 Helicopter Shoots
    • Ortona Italy Documentary
    • Marco Polo Show – Chinese
    • The China Earthquake Fund Concert and Video
    • Hubei Dance Group from China Video and Music Performance
    • Music Video – Give Peace Another Chance
    • The Restoration of Halifax NA337
    • Nanton Museum – 25th Anniversary
    • Oshawa Navy Reunion
    • Oshkosh AirVenture Video Series
    • Battle of Britain
    • Air Cadets
    • Astronaut Interview with Chris Hadfield
    • Senator Anne Cools Series
    • CCSR Project 2009 / 2010
    • President Vincente Fox – Mexico
    • President of China Visit to Ottawa
    • Chinese New Year Events 2008 – 2015
    • Oceanography Conference – London, England
    • Malta Video
    • Bomber Command Memorial – London, England
    • Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 18 Videos
    • The 25 Year Project
    • VAC Award Ministers Medal
    • British High Commission – Ambassador Andrew Cary
    • US Ambassador Wilkins
    • Richmond Virginia Presentation Video by Halifax 57 Rescue Canada
    • Clearwater Florida Aviation Video
    • Queens 60th Anniversary Medals Awarded in the Senate with Senator Anne Cools
    • Tribes – Anthology I Project
    • Art Flow Gallery Series
    • Chinese Music Concert Featuring Minghui
    • Jia – Chinese Olympic Gymnast Video
    • Quilt of Belonging
    • NAS – Nanton Aviation Station
    • Club of Rome – 16 Environmental Videos

  • Jessica Stuart Few

    The Jessica Stuart Few bio:

    Internationally-acclaimed koto-toting folk-jazz power trio, The Jessica Stuart Few has one of the freshest sounds around. Innovative songwriting featuring the traditional Japanese koto (13-stringed harp), harmonies, double bass, drums and guitar are centered on danceable grooves that are rich with rhythmic texture and unexpected harmony.  The trio is in it’s element in live performance, exuding a charisma that is not only heartfelt and infectious, but shows off the technical proficiency that has earned The ‘Few accolades world-wide. Having toured Japan, China, Germany and most recently their second Australian stint in support of the release of their third studio album, The Passage, The JSFew can’t wait, at long last, to play in Ottawa again.

    “Endlessly charismatic,” – Brad Wheeler, The Globe & Mail

    “The JSFew mix musicality, humour, (great) voice, creativity, rhythm, folk, and jazz into their songs. However, unlike many other acts that boast similar qualities, the music remains accessible, warm and unpretentious… Now picture someone playing the Koto brilliantly with furiously fast fingers, while singing in perfect pitch, complemented by a solid backline of bass and drums. Different, and shockingly good.” – Andy Frank, Roots Music Canada
    “…Jessica Stuart’s guitar groove & koto mastery, songs about procrastination, perseverance & needing two pairs of mitts in those cold Toronto winters are fine indeed…. Jazzy, rootsy, folky, words flowing over the chords & the swing & fingers flying over the koto…” – James Reaney, London Free Press (live show review)

    Winter Warm
    Don’t Ya
    Kid Dream
    Walking The Line (live)
    Here Comes The Rain (live)

    Official Website:

  • Jill Zmud and Megan Piercey Monafu

    jill-zmud-headshot 2016Jill Zmud, a Canadian Folk Music Award nominee in 2014, will be performing at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival in April. Her latest album “Small Matters of Life and Death” weaves together loss, hope, and a 40-year-old reel-to-reel tape belonging to an uncle Jill never met. The album’s soulful rootsy production illuminates both the darker grit and hopeful light in her voice. Featured are guest artists Jim Cuddy and Nashville’s The McRary Sisters. For Jill, highlights since the release of her album include opening for her musical hero Ruthie Foster, being the #1 album on CKCU in 2014, and touring with her baby daughter.

    PhotoMeganMonafuMegan Piercey Monafu is a playwright, director and facilitator, passionate about the intersection of community building, social activism, and theatre. Trained in Forum Theatre and clown as well as in social work, Megan has facilitated drama workshops, classes, and networking events at schools and community organizations in Ottawa, Montreal, and the Maritimes. Megan is the Artistic Director of the newly founded Community-Supported Art Ottawa that works to connect local artists with local audiences (

  • Kate Weekes

    Whitehorse songwriter Kate Weekes is originally from the Ottawa area.   A cross-country hitch-hiking trip 12 years ago led to a long-standing love affair with Canada’s north involving cabin life, dog-mushing and wilderness paddling.  Kate’s 2014 album ‘Frost on Black Fur’ features tales from the trails features original songs that take the listener from the Peel Watershed in the northern Yukon to the remote village of Shaxi in the Himalayas.

    Kate spent January of 2016 in a musician’s residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts, followed by tours of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Catch her at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival before she heads back north for a CD Release with the fiddle trio Home Sweet Home.

  • Kim Kilpatrick – Flying in the dark: a blind woman’s story

    Kim Kilpatrick Bio

    Kim Kilpatrick is a professional storyteller,  music therapist, radio show host, disability awareness and access technology trainer.  Kim co-hosts a radio show by, for and about people with disabilities on CKCU FM 93.1 on Tuesday mornings from 9 to 10 AM.  Kim has also led radio camps and workshops for people who are blind or have low vision.

    Kim has created and performs her one woman show “Flying in the dark” to audiences of all ages, where it is always well received.

    This show describes through story what it is like to live and thrive as a person who is blind.

    Kim has performed this show in Ottawa in many places including on the NAC Fourth Stage and at the Gladstone theatre.

    She is an artist with MASC and performs in schools and other venues.

    Kim has also been featured in Montreal, Toronto, and in other parts of Ontario.

  • Kristine St-Pierre

    Kristine St. Pierre

    Since first bracing the stages of Ottawa in 2006, this Ottawa-based singer-songwriter charms her audience with her voice and beautifully crafted songs. From finger-picked folky ballads to rollicking, bluesy melodies, Kristine’s style has been described as both fresh and raw.

    Each year brings on new achievements, gaining her more and more attention on the Canadian music scene. In 2015, Kristine was invited to sing the Canadian and U.S. national anthems to more than 20,000 people during a Senators game at the Canadian Tire Centre. She also performed as part of numerous festivals including Megaphono, Ottawa Grassroots Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest and CityFolk/Marvest and received her first nomination during the 8th Gala des prix Trille Or in the best female singer category.

    In addition to three solo tours, which have taken her around the world, Kristine has released two bilingual albums: Stand Still for a While (2010) and Call Me Crazy (2012). She is currently working on a new album to be released in 2016.


    Depuis son entrée sur scène en 2006, Kristine St-Pierre charme le public avec sa musique acoustique et sa voix mémorable. À la fois auteure, compositrice et interprète, elle s’inspire non seulement de ses expériences de voyage, mais aussi, et surtout, des personnes qu’elle a rencontrées sur son chemin. Avec son style folk-roots-pop qui lui est propre à elle, cette artiste bilingue sait comment captiver son auditoire et lui faire vivre une panoplie d’émotions.

    Chaque année, Kristine se fait connaître de plus en plus sur la scène nationale. En 2015, elle interprète, devant une foule enthousiaste, les hymnes nationaux américain et canadien au Centre Canadien Tire et participe à de nombreux festivals de renoms dont Megaphono, le Ottawa Grassroots Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest and CityFolk/Marvest. Cette chansonnière canadienne obtient aussi sa première nomination lors du 8e Gala des prix Trille Or dans la catégorie Meilleure interprète féminine.

    En plus de trois tournées solo qui l’ont emmenée à travers le monde, elle a sorti deux albums bilingues : Stand Still for a While (2010) et Call Me Crazy (2012). Présentement, Kristine se prépare pour le lancement d’un troisième album prévu en 2016.

  • Mike Leeworthy

    Mike Leeworthy of Frogman Guitars has been leading Wolfelele Ukulele-building workshops since 2008.

    Ottawa Grassroots Festival is holding a Ukulele First Aid Station!

    Bring your ukulele (Wolfelele ukes  or any uke)in for a free inspection and tune up.

    All ukes welcome!
    Show us how you have decorated your uke!

  • Music for Babies and Toddlers with Kristine St-Pierre (Bilingual)

    Music discovery for babies & toddlers (bilingual).

    Éveil musical pour bébés et tout petits! (bilingue).

    Music discovery for babies & toddlers (bilingual)
    Come sing along with me! This session is a great way for babies and toddlers to develop a taste for music through song and movement, and by exploring a variety of instruments!

    Éveil musical pour bébés et tout petits! (bilingue)
    Venez chanter avec moi! Cette session permet aux bébés et tout petits de développer le goût pour la musique à travers la chanson et le mouvement, ainsi qu’à l’aide de plusieurs instruments de musique!

  • Neptune’s Music Workshops

    Neptunes’ Music Workshops, Dawn and Joe Reynolds, have run alternative music workshops, talent shows and community spirited music events since 2007. Their focus is to inspire music appreciation in all ages and encourage the celebration of music in local communities.

  • Old Time Jam with Kate Greenland and Megan MacLeod

    Kate-Greenland Kate Greenland is a Ottawa-based musician who got her start in the bluegrass scene and has quickly expanded into the old time and country folk scene as well. As part of The Monroe Sisters she can be seen locally and around Ontario at bluegrass events and festivals. Kate regularly helps organize the weekly Bluegrass Monday nights at Pressed cafe with Pat Moore. She is also one half of the Folk and Country duo Aiken & Beggs, who in February released their debut album “Countless Hours By You I’ve Spent: Aiken & Beggs Play the Carter Family” – a collection of songs based off the original Carter Family recordings from 1927-1941.

    Megan-MacLeodMegan MacLeod hails from the northern interior of BC, where a rich new fiddle culture has taken off. She grew up surrounded by a community of music, mentored not only by friends and family, but also by such well-known fiddlers as Oliver Schroer, Gordon Stobbe, Anne Lindsay, and Daniel Lapp. She is currently writing, arranging, and performing west coast-style music in her fiddle duo, Honey & Mead. Most recently, she has immersed herself in the old time fiddle traditions of the south, the quirky lyricism and addictive rhythms of which have captured the attention of her bow.

    Megan and Kate met through the old time music community in Ottawa and have enjoyed jamming together since.

  • Open Stage led by Sjef Frenken and presented by the Spirit of Rasputin’s

    Some Notes About the Spirit of Rasputin’s Open Stage

    7pm every Monday evening upstairs at Whispers Pub, 249 Richmond Road

    The original Rasputin’s Folk Café opened its doors in 1981 and ran continuously at its Bronson Avenue location for 27 years, until a fire forced its closure on 8 July 2008.

    Rasputin’s was not only a place for local singers and songwriters, poets and story-tellers to test or showcase their material, it was somehow also the focal point for the entire community of folk enthusiasts in Ottawa. Its closure was a great loss.

    Perhaps the most distinctive quality about Rasputin’s Folk Café was the real Spirit of Rasputin’s – its “listening environment” – the audience showing its respect for the performers by being silent during the songs, poems and stories, something much appreciated by the many artists from all across Canada, the United States and the rest of the world who performed there, whether as guests on the Open Stage, or as headliners of concerts.

    In an interview with CBC, Rasputin’s founder and owner, Dean Verger said “I think it needs somebody with passion who has a new vision to take it forward, whether it be an individual or a community.”

    It didn’t take long for that passion to show itself. Shortly after the fire, a handful of Rasputin’s regulars began holding open-air get-togethers in the park beside the Museum of Nature on McLeod Street. With winter looming, an effort was made to find a more suitable venue for the day when wind, rain and snow made outdoor concerts impossible. Happily the Canadian Legion on Kent Street welcomed “Rasputin’s Refugees” and hosted their weekly sessions for a year until the Open Stage was moved to the Elmdale Tavern in July of 2009. In August of 2010, the Open Stage moved to the second floor room at Whispers Pub and Eatery on Richmond Road (at Tweedsmuir) where in continues to this day.

    In the meantime the various activities centered in the original Rasputin’s came together again under the umbrella of the not-for-profit organization The Spirit of Rasputin’s Arts Society that responds to Dean Verger’s call for passion and vision.

    The Spirit of Rasputin’s Open Stage runs Monday nights. The music starts at 7:00 pm, but performers are asked to get there earlier to sign up. Performers typically present two songs or literary works for a maximum of 10 minutes. There are three sets of 5 performers each. There is no cover charge, and food and drinks are available.

  • Propeller Dance

    Co-Founded by Shara Weaver, Renata Soutter and Alan Shain, Propeller Dance is an integrated dance company based right here in Ottawa. The company has performed all over the National Capital region and is capturing national attention for their ground breaking work in creating, teaching and performing integrated dance. Integrated dance involves dancers of all abilities – from those who use wheelchairs, to those who use sign language, to those who are able-bodied. The Propeller Dance company includes 8 dancers with diverse minds and bodies, who all have a great ability to dance! Rooted in contemporary and improvisational dance, pieces created by the company celebrate diversity in bodies, styles of movement and artistic expressions. At the core of Propeller Dance is the belief that dance is for all people. Their motto is “if you can breathe, you can dance”. The works aim to demonstrate that dreams can be achieved through hard work and belief in oneself. Find us on Facebook and @propellerdance

    Workshop description:
    Wheels on, Feet On, this creative movement and expressive workshop is for anyone! Accompanied by live music, artists Renata Soutter and Liz Winkelaar and members of the Propeller Dance company will bring you to an expansive and expressive place through movement explorations designed for all bodies and all minds, showing us that we are all able. No experience necessary! Enjoy a workshop of creativity through dance and movement where together we will enliven the space and build a choreography together. We like to say ‘all moves are good moves’ so leave judgement at the door, and join in the movement!

  • Robert Paquette

    Originaire de Sudbury, Robert Paquette est l’un des auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes les plus connus de l’Ontario français. Il a exercé son métier de Bruxelles à Paris à Sudbury, en passant par Montréal, Mexico, Yaoundé et New York. Ses chansons Bleu et Blanc et Jamaïca ont été sacrées Chansons classiques par la Société canadienne des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SOCAN). Dans les années 1970, Robert Paquette composait les chansons pour les pièces de la Troupe de théâtre étudiant à l’Université Laurentienne, dont Moé, j’viens du Nord, Stie. Également animateur et réalisateur, Robert Paquette a œuvré dans le domaine de la télévision et de la radio à Toronto et à Sudbury, et a réalisé plusieurs albums de musiciens dont ceux de Chuck Labelle. Robert Paquette a reçu de nombreuses reconnaissances au cours de sa carrière, dont le Prix du Nouvel-Ontario, le prix Jesse Washington Award du Festival Boréal, Le prix Chantecler du Grand Gala de la fierté francophone et l’Ordre de la Pléiade de l’Assemblée internationale des parlementaires de langue française. L’Association des professionnels de la chanson et de la musique, l’APCM, pour sa part lui attribuait le prix Trille Or Hommage lors de son tout premier Gala de la chanson et de la musique en 2001. Il a reçu un doctorat Honoris Causa de l’Université Laurentienne en 2008 pour son travail dans la francophonie canadienne.  Tout récemment, Robert se méritait la Médaille du jubilé de diamant de la reine Élizabeth 11, en remerciement des services distingués qu’il a rendus  à ses pairs, sa communauté et au Canada.

    A native of Sudbury, Robert Paquette is one of the most famous writers of the Ontario French-songwriters. He has performed around the world, from Brussels to Paris, Sudbury, Montreal, Mexico City, Yaoundé and New York. His songs Blue White and Jamaica became classics according to the the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). Paquette has received numerous awards during his career, including the Prix du Nouvel-Ontario, the Jesse Washington Award (Festival Boréal), Le Chantecler, Grand Gala Francophone Pride and the Order of the Pleiad of International Assembly of French-Speaking Parliamentarians. The Association of song and music (APCM) awarded him with their Trill Gold Award Tribute at its first Gala of song and music in 2001. An animator and director, Robert Paquette has worked in the fields of television and radio in Toronto and Sudbury, and has collaborated with musicians including Chuck Labelle. Recently, Robert received the Diamond Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth 11, in recognition of the distinguished service he has rendered to his peers, his community and Canada.

  • Sau Lan Mo

  • Selina Bishop

  • Sophie Léger

    Singer-songwriter Sophie Léger weaves her luxuriant vocals together with solid instrumentation to form a rich tapestry of sound and emotion that delights, challenges and inspires audiences. The multi-instrumentalist (guitar, djembe, harmonica) animates her passionate poetry with rich harmonies and buoyant beats that expand contemporary folk and pop traditions. Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley, Léger grew up singing in both of Canada’s official languages. Her songs lead listeners on an intimate journey, bridging geographical, cultural and spiritual distance as she celebrates relationships and experiences she has enjoyed with people across Canada and around the world. The artist composed her first album, As I Am (2002), while teaching in Haiti and Thailand. Her second album, A Place in Me (2009), honors her adopted home of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where she taught elementary students by day and lit up club and concert stages by night for a decade. Léger has performed and has recorded with a wide variety of Northern musicians representing a broad range of genres, from folk to gospel to rock. In 2010, Léger was one of many Northern performers featured during the Vancouver Winter Olympics cultural program. She has recently returned to Ottawa and looks forward to discovering the musical scene this wonderful city has to offer.

    Auteur-compositeur- interprète Sophie Léger tisse sa voix luxueuse avec une solide instrumentation pour former une riche tapisserie de sons et d’émotions qui savent faire plaisir et inspirer son public. La multi-instrumentaliste (guitare, djembe, harmonica) anime sa poésie de ses multiples harmonies et rythmes enjoués qui dépassent les limites du folk contemporain et du rock pop. Née dans la région d’Ottawa, Léger chante dans les deux langues officielles du Canada. Ses chansons célèbrent les relations intimes et expériences vécues avec des gens qu’elle a connus à travers le pays et dans le monde. L’artiste a composé son premier album, As I Am (2002), pendant qu’elle enseignait en Haïti et en Thaïlande. Elle a reçu une subvention du Conseil des Arts des Territoires du Nord-Ouest afin d’enregistrer son deuxième album, A Place in Me (2009), un album qui fait hommage à sa ville adoptive de Yellowknife, où elle a enseigné la musique au niveau élémentaire durant le jour et a chanté en spectacle en soirée pendant un décennie. Sophie Léger a figuré parmi d’autres musiciens du Nord pour représenter les territoires aux programmes culturels des Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques d’Hiver de Vancouver en 2010. De retour dans sa ville natale, Sophie a hâte de découvrir la scène musicale d’Ottawa.

  • The Sparrows

    Sun. April 23 at 1:00 pm Fellowship Hall
    “Songs for Families”

    This sing-along family concert features The Sparrows, Anna Ludlow, Chris White and surprise guests.

    The Sparrows are a group of home-schooled children between the ages of 4 and 11 who love music. They sing, play instruments and dance under the guidance of group leaders Chris White and Anna Ludlow.

    Chris White

    Chris White

    Chris White

    Chris White is a singer-songwriter, choir leader, radio host, festival organizer and concert producer who loves to connect people with music and with one another. He received the 2012 Helen Verger Award for his “significant, sustained contributions to Canadian folk music”. Catch Chris and “Canadian Spaces” every Saturday from 10 to noon on CKCU 93.1 FM and

    Anna Ludlow

    Anna Ludlow is an accomplished fiddler, singer and songwriter originally from Antigonish who now lives in Ottawa. She performs in a variety of styles, including what she calls “Mainland Maritime Fiddle Fusion”. Anna released an album called “Reel to Reel” in 2009.


  • The Terry Penner Weekend Choir with Rowena Pearl

    Rowena Pearl

    With her unique enthusiasm Rowena Pearl’s talent shines especially bright when she engages all ages in making music together.
    Rowena brings her love of music to audiences as a music director of school, church and community choirs in the North Gower area. She is also a very popular music teacher, introducing a love of Piano and the Ukulele to dozens of students.

    Terry Penner Weekend Choir

    The Terry Penner Weekend Choir is a “pickup“ choir that includes any and all people, regardless of ability. The emphasis is on FUN and Rowena Pearl makes it fun. There is a practise on Saturday morning, another on Sunday morning, and they close the festival on Sunday afternoon.