Performers 2019

April 25-28, 2019

    • Albert Dumont – Saturday Night Address and Poetry Reading

      Albert Dumont - Saturday Night Address and Poetry ReadingAlbert Dumont, Spiritual Advisor
      Algonquin, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

      Albert Dumont is a Poet, Storyteller, Speaker, a Traditional Teacher and Activist. He has published 6 books of poetry and short stories. In recognition for his work as an activist and volunteer on his ancestral lands (Ottawa and Region) Albert was presented with a Human Rights Award by the Public Service Alliance of Canada in 2010. In January 2017 he received the DreamKEEPERS Citation for Outstanding Leadership. Albert has dedicated his life to promoting Aboriginal spirituality and healing and to protecting the rights of Aboriginal Peoples particularly those of the young. He is the father of two daughters and grandfather of four grandchildren.

    • Ann Downey

      Ann DowneyAnn Downey sings and plays upright bass, clawhammer banjo, and guitar, in a wide range of styles, from old-timey Appalachian to jazz, and most of what happens in between. As a vocalist she’s drawn to finding harmonies, as well as yodeling and wacky songs. Originally from the southwestern U.S. she’s performed in Europe, Canada and the U.S. She’s sung, played and recorded with Finest Kind, Sneezy Waters, The Old Sod Band, and Pat Moore and the Vinyl Frontier, and the Toasted Westerns, as well as on studio projects with other fine Ottawa area musicians. Most days Ann can be found playing and singing in Shirt-Tearing Boys, the Kanata Symphony Orchestra, Saloon Dion, The Knot Sisters, and Finest Kind (on their rare ventures out of retirement) as well as on call as a sideman with local folks, jamming in people’s kitchens, and teaching clawhammer banjo, yodeling, and folk guitar at Alcorn Music Studios.

    • Anne Hurley and Jim Videto

      Anne Hurley and Jim VidetoAnne Hurley and Jim Videto, are local singer, songwriters who form the folk duo  “Walk on the Wire”

      Their music is heartfelt and reflects images of nature and a range of styles, emotions and experiences.

      They have composed and performed songs for benefit shows for the Alzheimer Society in Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa and have also played in festivals in Cobalt and Jasper.  They have performed on the train from Toronto to Vancouver as part of the Artist on Board Program.

    • Babies and Toddlers show with Kristine St-Pierre

      Babies and Toddlers show with Kristine St-PierreScheduled during the free daytime programming.
      Saturday April 27, 11:00 am – 11:50 am, Room 5 (upstairs)

      Kristine St-Pierre est une auteure-compositrice-interprète à la voix de velours. Cette chansonnière au coeur voyageur charme son public avec ses mélodies accrocheuses et l’authenticité de ses textes. Suite à la sortie de l’album bilingue Call Me Crazy en 2012, elle lance La promesse, un premier opus tout en français qui lui mérite une nomination au Prix de la musique folk canadienne en 2018.

      Kristine St-Pierre is a bilingual folk singer-songwriter with soul-searching ballads and a rollicking bluesy flair. Described as a ‘chansonnière’ with a traveling heart,’ Kristine sings her life with passion, vulnerability and authenticity. She has released a bilingual album in 2012 and a much anticipated francophone album in late 2017 for which she received a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination.

    • Catherine Sabourin – Sound Workshop

      Catherine Sabourin – Sound WorkshopCatherine is a freelance audio engineer based out of Ottawa. She mixes bands in many different bars and establishments throughout the city. Catherine’s favorite workstation is in a festival setting – what better way to spend a day than in nature with multiple great bands daily? She strongly believes that every artist she works with has stories to tell and/or a message about how they manage to get by.  Music is one of those powerful things that allow us to do that, and she is grateful to be a part of making that happen on a daily basis.

    • Christine Graves and Mark Evenchick

      Christine Graves

      Christine Graves has always loved harmonies in song. Her work with Malaika (2000-2005) and her upbringing in a musical family gave her lots of practise singing in harmony with others. As a songwriter, Christine’s craft draws from folk, pop and jazz influences. Those willing to colour outside the lines will find joy in creating harmonized sounds along with her latest creations. Christine uses ukulele and listening to assist singers reference and feel confident in harmony arrangements.


      Mark Evenchick

      Mark Evenchick has been playing the guitar and writing songs for many years. With a knack for positive and upbeat melodies, he writes story-based songs that cover a wide variety of topics. By leaning toward simple song structures, Mark’s tunes lend themselves to audience participation. His two previously released albums Incident at the Hang Dog Saloon (2011) and Mr. Miscellaneous (2017) contain many sing-long numbers.

      Mark is a two-time winner of the Gil’s Hootenanny song-writing contest for sing-along songs of hope and protest. Currently, he is working on an EP of original sing-along songs. He hopes to have it complete in time for the 2019 Ottawa Grassroots Festival.


    • Christine Jakel

      Christine JakelChristine Jakel is an indie folk/alternative artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. Her broad vocal range, captivating melodies and inventive, yet accessible, songwriting bring to mind artists such as Joni Mitchell, Feist and Florence and the Machine.

      Christine discovered songwriting while studying classical voice at the University of Ottawa. She fell in love with it as a more personal means of self-expression than the classical repertoire she was used to. After completing her degree in 2016, she decided to change lanes completely and dedicate herself to writing and performing her own music. With songs ranging from tales of heartbreak to fun tunes that’ll have you snapping along, listeners can expect to be taken on a journey at her live show.

      In September 2017, she released her first EP, Satellite Moons and spent the following year playing shows around Ontario and the East Coast. Recent venues she has performed at include Marvest at City Folk and Girls to the Front Songwriters’ Circle. She has since been further honing her craft and is currently gearing up for a year of new releases and tours.

    • Digging Roots (Raven Kanetakta & ShoShona Kish)

      Digging Roots (Raven Kanetakta & ShoShona Kish)The Ottawa Grassroots Festival (OGF) is pleased to confirm that multi-award winning folk rockers, Digging Roots, will headline Saturday night (April 27) at the festival in Old Ottawa South. The event will take place April 25-28, 2019 at The Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa. First Nations power couple, ShoShona and Raven, are the creative team and inspiration behind Digging Roots. In creating music they utilize the traditional Anishinabek Song Lines composition technique of tracing melody and rhythm from the contours of the land. This traditional method of creating songs is paired with modern Eurocentric techniques of composition.

      Digging Roots is a musical group that balances femininity and masculinity with Indigenous tradition and modern aesthetics. Their musical style blends folk-rock, pop, blues, hip hop with First Nation music. Engaging wider audiences to promote their Anishinabek music and cultural ideals is key to this band.

      They won the Juno Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year in 2010 for their album We Are. Their JUNO nominated album For The Light (2015) brings global-blues infused songs and audience ‘round dances’ to their national and international tours. Digging Roots also took home The Canadian Folk Music Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year in 2015, along with the first Cobalt Prize for Contemporary Blues Composition at the 2015 Maple Blues Awards, garnering the grand prize for their song “Hwy 17”. Raven and ShoShona are working on a new collection of songs scheduled to be released in April 2019.

      Le Festival Grassroots d’Ottawa (FGO) a le plaisir de confirmer que le groupe de rock-folk Digging Roots, lauréat de nombreux prix, sera en tête d’affiche le samedi 27 avril, en soirée, au festival qui aura lieu au Vieil Ottawa Sud. L’événement se tiendra du 25 au 28 avril 2019 à l’église unie Southminster, située au 15, avenue Aylmer, à Ottawa. ShoShona et Raven, le couple influent issu des Premières nations, sont l’équipe créative et l’inspiration de Digging Roots. En créant de la musique, ils utilisent la technique de composition traditionnelle des lignes de chant Anishinabek consistant à créer la mélodie et le rythme à partir des contours du paysage. Cette méthode traditionnelle de création de chansons est associée à des techniques de composition euro-centriques moderne.

      Digging Roots est un groupe musical qui crée un équilibre entre la féminité et la masculinité avec une tradition autochtone et une esthétique moderne. Son style musical mélange le rock-folk, le pop, le blues, le hip hop avec la musique des Premières nations. Ce qui est le plus important pour ce groupe, c’est de se faire connaitre d’un plus grand public afin de promouvoir sa musique Anishinabek et ses idéaux culturels.

      En 2010, ils ont remporté le prix Juno du meilleur album autochtone de l’année pour We Are. Leur album de 2015, For The Light, sélectionné aux JUNO, propose des chansons inspirées du blues mondial et des « danses en rondes » du public, durant de leurs tournées nationales et internationales. Digging Roots a également remporté le Prix de la musique folk canadienne pour le meilleur album autochtone de l’année 2015, ainsi que le premier prix Cobalt pour Contemporary Blues Composition aux Maple Blues Awards de 2015, en remportant le grand prix pour leur chanson « Hwy 17 ». Raven et ShoShona travaillent sur une nouvelle collection de chansons dont la sortie est prévue pour avril 2019.

    • Doreen T Stevens

      Doreen T StevensDoreen Stevens, Local Artist Algonquin Kitiganzibi, Quebec . Spirit name Anamitagize-Odaying” One who speaks with the heart. “Actress Singer -Songwriter Spoken word Multi talented visual Artist 3rd year student Indigenous Theater school Toronto Ontario.featured in various films and performance Art throughout Europe, Australia , and USA and Canada. Art Exhibits “The creation Story.” Mosaic Turtle depicting the Algonquins of the great lakes region on Turtle Island ,the Wampum belts, the elements and water the blood life of mother earth. Aki. Turtle Island conservation ,First Nations Art Garden, Toronto Zoo . Danforth-perth community Center Art garden Toronto. Mosaic outdoor bake oven. A community development project Red-pepper Spectacle Arts .” Aninatig”meaning medicine and is a means of survival and is still used in our ceremonial sugar moon. The four colours of leaves represent four medicines, directions along with the Kokoom grandmother watching over us. As well as the depicting of the four seasons. mosaic entitled by Artist Aninatig ‘ maple tree. Sakahan Connecting Aboriginal Youth with Indigenous Art.National Gallelry of Canada . Doreen received a medal of Volunteer recognition award from MP depute Mauril Belanger for the Creation of the Wabano Street Theater on parliament Hill .The Art that rooted me to my culture” a short film documentary and music of her Cd entitled poetryaki songs for the Earth is the art that fuses her creativity together, it is a weaving of our stories. we all have a connection , a sound a vibration, it becomes stronger when we become closer to our own spiritual realm.” We weave our stories into it. it never breaks. When were with the creation , outside , we our outside of ourselves, in it, working for it, stretching it, weaving it , binding it, together. We all have ties, and we are all unique, so, when we call one another, or what we call one another identifies that uniqueness. kaadamo or Anamitagize-Odaying. is my spirit name. One who speaks from the heart. Creativity is a multi-layered connectivity of spiritual formation in motion.

      Doreen Stevens is an acress/singer and third year student at Centre for Indigenous. Credits include:The sacred GiftRed Earth White EarthWindigoThe Blood of the Hunter, Black Robe, Sheaweh, Participated in Olympics 2000 Sydney Australia, opened up for Ian Tamblyn at the National Arts Centre in 2007, Ottawa Folk Festival for Natalie McMaster. Stage Venues: “Love me directed by Spider Woman Muiriel Miguel, Forgive those Who Trespass by Arturo Fresione. Healing Mother by Judith Thompson in the Leaves of Forever national Tour, White Buffalo Calf Woman play 2008 Narrator and Spirit Woman The Sacred Circles, A play on family violence Conference Saskatchewan directed by Bruce Sinclair, The Blood Remembers workshopped by Thompson Highway and Veronique St Pierres, The Rez Sisters in 2008 in Toronto. Received Volunteer recognition Award through Parliament in 2001 for the participation in the Creation of Wabano Street Theatre, Performer in the band Nime which means “She Dances”.

    • Francois Lemieux

      Francois LemieuxA l’age de six ans: Festival Kiwanis .À 13 ans, il compose sa première chanson. À 14 ans, premier spectacle et depuis ce temps, il apparait sur scène à travers le Canada… entre autre à la Super Franco Fête de Québec avec représentation canadienne telle que Cano, Robert Paquette, Vignault, Leclerc et Charlebois. Il a joué à la télé de Radio-Canada et a composé les chansons thème de deux émissions de TFO: Village et Visage et Chez Nous.

      Il est l’auteur de “Stinkin Thinkin” piece de théatre musicale comptant 75 comédiens et musiciens, dont plusieurs relèvent des défits de nature variée. Son nouveau Roman “Wreckovery Road”  est à sa deuxième publication et son disk compact “Wreckovery Road” donne naissance à  12 chansons.

      Avant Noël 2018, il a joué en Afrique à l’orphelina de Dassa.

      Age 6, first gig, first place, Kiwanis Festival. Age 13, wrote first songs. Age 14, first concert.

      Played for French and English audiences in concerts and festivals from coast to coast.

      Represented Ontario at a World Music Festival called “La Super Franco Fête” in Québec city. Performed on C.B.C. radio and television. Wrote and recorded theme songs for T.V. Ontario documentary series “Chez Nous” and Village et Visage”. Performed in numerous episodes. I jam on a weekly basis with friends who overcome multiple challenges. They inspired me through the pores of the soul to write and produce “Stinkin Thinkin”, a musical comedy on twisted thought. In a cast of 75 members from all walks of life, my friends stole the show and brought down the house. A filmed video of the performance is available. Recently, after 9 months in studio, faithful musicians and I have given birth to “Wreckovery Road”, a 12 pound… sorry… a 12 song C.D. on a roller coaster ride. Recently performed at an orphanage in Africa.

    • Gil’s Grassroots Hootenanny

      Gil's Grassroots Hootenanny

      A 10th Anniversary Celebration

      April 27, 2019 at 4:00 pm: The Parlour

      Gil’s Hootenanny is celebrating its 10th Anniversary milestone with a sing-along of traditional and original songs of hope and protest at the 2019 Ottawa Grassroots Festival 2019. The Grassroots Hootenanny will feature Chris White, Maria Hawkins (a featured artist in this year’s hootenanny), Arthur McGregor, Mark Evenchick, the Apparatchiks, Christina Marchant, and the 2019 Hootenanny Band: Elizabeth Riley Band w. Debbie Rubin. These inspiring musicians, who have motivated group singing within their extensive musical communities, will join host Tamara Levine in bringing audience members together to belt out their belief in the power of collective singing for change.

      Inspired by the legacy of Gil Levine, and first presented in 2010, Gil’s Hootenanny has continued to thrive over the past 10 years.  The featured artists for 2019 are Maria Dunn and Maria Hawkins, with a special presentation by Dr. Steve Richer, who will pay homage to Pete Seeger for the 100th anniversary year of his birth.

    • Howie Hooper, Nina Peterson, Steve Kennedy, and Dave Doron

      Nina Peterson and Steve Kennedy form an acoustic duo that features a wide variety of instantly recognizable classic songs from pop, country, the American song book, rhythm and blues as well songs from both Nina and Steve’s collection of self written tunes.

      Bacporch Dave Doran and Howie Hooper are independent artists who perform together from time to time. Bacporch  Dave’s song writing  follows his love of the laid back classic blues, heavily influenced by the time he spent living in New Mexico. Howie Hooper mixes traditional country, blues, folk, rock-a-billy, with  a passion for heartfelt story telling and  infused with wry humour. Howie is active in the community, as a performer, songwriter, coordinator of Writer’s Block ( a learning forum for songwriters), coordinator of The Great Canadian Song-Along, Host of a Center Stage, a weekly open mic, and Howie Hoopers Songwriting Circus (songwriter showcase rounds).

      Combined these artists have recorded and published their songs and continue to perform on a regular basis. Their luscious harmonies, melodic vocals and innovative guitar playing come together to produce a very pleasing and entertaining listening experience for all ages

    • Ian Tamblyn

      Ian TamblynThe Ottawa Grassroots Festival (OGF) is pleased to confirm that Juno Award winner, singer-songwriter, will headline Friday night (April 26) at the festival in Old Ottawa South. A 50 year career has enabled this prolific and iconic Canadian artist to write over 1500 songs, release over thirty-three recordings and be honoured with both Juno and Canadian Folk Music Awards. Tamblyn will be performing at Ottawa Grassroots backed by top local favourites, Rebecca Campbell, Fred Guignon and Pat Mayer. The festival will take place April 25-28, 2019 at The Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa.

      With a list of achievements and recognitions long enough to pave Tiger Lily Road, Tamblyn has also mastered the art of record producer, playwright and adventurer. Travels to remote places such as Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falklands, Scotland , Iceland , Greenland and the Canadian Arctic have resulted in collections of music that are occasionally interwoven with unique natural sounds from these regions.

      Le Festival Grassroots d’Ottawa (OGF) a le plaisir de confirmer qu’Ian Tamblyn, auteur-
      compositeur-interprète et lauréat du Prix Juno, sera en tête d’affiche vendredi soir (le 26
      avril) au festival de Vieil Ottawa-Sud. Une carrière de 50 ans a permis à cet artiste canadien emblématique et prolifique d’écrire plus de 1500 chansons, de faire plus de 33 enregistrements et d’être honoré à la fois par le Prix Juno et le Prix de musique folk
      canadienne. Tamblyn se produira au Ottawa Grassroots et sera accompagné de plusieurs grands favoris de la région : Rebecca Campbell, Fred Guignon et Pat Mayer. Le Festival aura lieu du 25 au 28 avril 2019, à l’église unie de Southminster, située au 15, avenue
      Aylmer, à Ottawa.

      Avec à son nom, une liste de réalisations et de reconnaissances assez longue pour paver  « Tiger Lily Road », Tamblyn a également maîtrisé l’art d’être un producteur de disques, un dramaturge et un aventurier. Des voyages dans des endroits éloignés tels que l’Antarctique, la Géorgie du Sud, les Malouines, l’Écosse, l’Islande, le Groenland et l’Arctique canadien ont donné lieu à des collections musicales qui sont parfois entremêlées de sons naturels
      uniques provenant de ces régions.

    • Jack Pine (Gareth Auden-Hole)

      Jack Pine (Gareth Auden-Hole)

      Jack Pine est l’exemple-type du chanteur débridé de folk alternatif « fougueux », « frénétique », « déroutant » et « avec un petit côté sale ». En nomination aux JUNOS en 2019 et aux Canadian Folk Music Awards en 2018, le nouvel album de son groupe Jack Pine and The Fire, intitulé Left To Our Own Devices, fait le tour des différentes sphères relationnelles, qu’il s’agisse de la relation que nous entretenons avec nous-même, avec les autres ou avec la Terre. Comme le dit si bien l’auteur et chroniqueur Sean Michaels : On serait prêt à accourir dans une grange en feu pour sauver cet album.

      Jack crie et hurle comme un loup solitaire, crachant à corps perdu des mots et des histoires surréalistes, tout en triturant rageusement sa mandoline, avant de revenir à un son plus doux. Ses chansons d’âmes perdues et de vérités oubliées ont également un aspect lyrique, où se mélangent images vives et fortes, jeux de mots déconcertants, humour noir et commentaires cinglants sur la société.

      Jack Pine is ”driving”, ”dynamic”, ‘,giddy, bittersweet”, Alt-Folk Singer-songery at it’s best. Nominated at the 2019 JUNOs and the 2018 Canadian Folk Music Awards, Jack Pine and The Fire’s newest album Left To Our Devices explores all our relationships – with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth. ”A record you’d run into a bruning barn to save” (Author, columnnist, Sean Michaels)

      Jack Hollers and howls like lone wolf, spitting wry words and tall tales while strumming his mandolin furiously, then softly. He sings songs of lost souls and forgotten thruths, with lyricism that blends vivid and powerful imagery with quirky worlplay, dark humour, and biting social commentary. He also does our Main Stage sound

      Photo By Sean Sisk

    • Jack Pyl

      Jack Pyl is an artist and musician active in the local arts scene for many years in visual arts, music and theater. He is a composer, music arranger, recording artist and accompanist. His main instruments are winds and percussion. As part of the trio Knock On Wood, he is happy to make his first appearance at the Grassroots Festival.


    • Jam Session with Paul Spafford

      Jam Session with Paul SpaffordAfter growing up on Conservatory piano and punk guitar, Paul moved to Ottawa and discovered how to play folk and the blues on acoustic instruments. He has been seen at various open stages around the city, and even gets a gig once in a while.

      Since 2012, Paul has also been the host of the Spirit of Rasputin’s weekly folk jam, which currently takes place on Tuesday nights at The Vimy Brewing Company.

      This year’s jam at the festival will be run the same as past years: Everyone sits in a circle and takes a turn leading a song. When it’s your turn to lead, you choose the song, and sing it, and everyone else joins in to the best of their abilities. If you’re too shy to lead a song, don’t worry. Give Paul a frightened look and he’ll pass you by – but please keep playing along with everybody else. It’s always a great time!

    • Jamie Anderson

      Jamie AndersonSinger-songwriter-parking lot attendant Jamie Anderson has played her unique original songs in hundreds of venues in four countries and is celebrating the release of her eleventh album, The Truth Appears. She’s folk without the Birkenstocks, country without the big hair, and jazz without the weird chords. Songs include everything from the tongue-in-cheek “Karma Café”, where the menu includes roasted crow and just desserts, to the more solemn “Black and White,” a thoughtful jazz number about growing older. She doesn’t really park cars, but her mama said she should have something to fall back on.

      Jamie’s dad was a country musician, a painful thing for a teenager who would rather listen to Carole King, but it did mean there were always instruments lying around the house. She taught herself every chord in a Mel Bay songbook and started doing local gigs. Her first US national tour happened in 1987 because she needed to earn gas money to get to a music festival. She’s been collecting tiny motel soaps ever since. “… a barrel of laughs and a whole bunch of talent.” – Amanda Putz, CBC Radio.


    • Jessica Pearson and the East Wind

      Jessica Pearson and the East WindJessica Pearson is a Canadian born storyteller with a voice like melting honey on a summers eve. Accompanied by the melodic bowing of Pat Bigelow on the Stand Up Bass and the sweet fiddling of Maddy O’Regan, they bring to life tales of the past and express the beauty and heartbreak of the world today. Fresh off their second international tour of Ireland, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind are working hard on a new album to be released in 2019.

      After the release of their debut EP ‘Grave and Garden Songs’ in 2017, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind have taken the stage at JunoFest, RBC’s Bluesfest, and the National Arts Centre, as well as played with Hillsburn, the East Pointers, Murder Murder and Ten Strings and a Goat Skin! Being influenced by Great Big Sea, Brandi Carlile and Lori MacKenna, they have made a unique sound of their own!

      Their music perfectly blends folk, roots and East Coast bluegrass. From a cappella tunes sung in the middle of the audience to recollections of growing up in Canada, Jessica Pearson and the East Wind will take you on a journey with their dynamic live shows and entertaining story telling.


    • Jessica Wedden – Trick Fiddler

      Jessica Wedden - Trick FiddlerJessica Wedden from Ontario, Canada is a 16 year old fiddler, trick fiddler, step dancer, composer, 2016 & current 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award nominee. Her upbeat Celtic, East Coast and Ottawa Valley style repertoire amazes all her audiences.

      Jessica was first introduced to the fiddle with Cindy McCall at the Blue Skies Community Fiddle Orchestra of Maberly.  Jessica has since been developing and refining her own unique style from her private lessons with professional fiddle teacher, Cindy Thompson of Almonte, and very much draws from others such as Shane Cook, Tim Chaisson of the East Pointers, Scott Woods, Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster.

      Jessica already has many impressive accomplishments including a 2016 Canadian Folk Music Award nomination for Young Performer of the Year, based on her first CD recorded at age 12, Toronto’s 2017 CNE Rising Star Talent Competition semifinalist and a 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition semifinalist in the category of Under 18 for her original fiddle medley.  Currently she is a 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award nominee. She was interviewed live on Kingston’s CKWS-TV and was profiled in Halifax’s Celtic Life Magazine – December 2014 issue (

      Jessica has performed at Ottawa’s National Gallery of Canada for the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group, Toronto’s WinterFolk Festival, the Perth RCMP Musical Ride and the Havelock Country Jamboree.  She was a special guest of J.P. Cormier, special guest of Scott Woods and special guest of Larry Mercey (from the seven time Juno Award winning Mercey Brothers Band). Another performance cherished by Jessica was opening for three time Juno Award winning fiddler Ashley MacIsaac at the 2017 Festival of Small Halls Ontario, where she received a standing ovation and he asked her to accompany him on stage for a couple of fiddle tunes.

      Jessica performs for special events, music festivals, fairs, private house parties, weddings, schools, fundraisers and community events thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to share her music and please her audiences.

      When Jessica is not performing, she can be found finger picking her guitar, writing a song or fiddle tune, playing her keyboard or sketching portraits in pencil.

      With her extreme dedication, no doubt she will thrive as a professional performer, composer and private fiddle teacher.

      Fiddling is  her passion!

      Promotional Video

    • Jill Jeffrey

      Jill JeffreyJill wrote her first song at age 10. Her early perspective comes largely through her work and travel with international development organizations, travel through Asia and volunteer opportunities in Canada with street engaged youth.

      Musical influences include Leonard Cohen, Sarah McLachlan, Bruce Cockburn, Lynn Miles and more recently, Andrew Peterson.

      Jill is a song writer who opens her heart,  introducing us to courageous people she has met along the way. She also lifts the veil on her own journey, inviting us to share moments that are vulnerable, at times hilarious and often poignant. Expect to laugh, cry, engage new perspectives and even sing along as she considers good and bad choices, gratitude, loss, faith, love and the unexpected.

    • Jody Benjamin

      Jody BenjaminJody Benjamin was the lead singer in the Toasted Westerns, Ottawa’s favorite singing sandwich, from 1988 to 2008.  She is a talented rhythm player and her triangle, rub board and rhythm guitar (as well as harmony vocals) can be heard on many recordings by various artists including: Juno nominee and Maple Blues award winner Michael Jerome Browne , Keith Glass (Prairie Oyster), Finest Kind , and Grouyan Gombo.  She currently directs the three Ottawa chapters of Georgette Fry’s community women’s choir, Shout Sister! (

      Jody performs with Michael Ball in Ball and Chain & The Wreckers, an Ottawa based band with Michael and Jody as the shackles holding this group together. Formed in 1997, they now have six full length CDs in their catalogue.  Their latest release, Surrender, from 2014, is their first CD with all original songs.  Louisiana Love Bug, from 2009, was recorded, produced and mastered by Dirk Powell in Louisiana.  Dirk is well known for his work with people like Joan Baez, Jack White, Loretta Lynn and T. Bone Burnett.  Dirk assembled some great Louisiana musicians for the Ball and Chain recording.

      Michael and Jody formed a Zydeco band called The Vanier Playboys 2016 and have released a 6 song EP.

      Michael and Jody have been making frequent trips to Louisiana since 1997 and the music from Southwest Louisiana and its cultural context continues to fascinate them.  They play a mixture of Roots Country and Cajun music, always with the dancers in mind.

    • Karen Oxorn and Tim Bedner Jazz Duo

      Karen Oxorn and Tim Bedner Jazz DuoKaren Oxorn and Tim Bedner Jazz Duo

      Join Karen and Tim for some wonderful jazz standards as well as a few classic tunes drawn from the Country, Folk, and R&B world.

      Karen Oxorn

      Karen Oxorn’s musical journey began later in life and she has developed a dedicated following over the years. She has performed at the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, GigSpace, the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage, the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival, Merrickville’s Jazz Fest as well as at local jazz clubs and events. Noted jazz historian Ron Sweetman describes Karen’s singing as having “real feeling and a subtle swing in a deep, rich voice.” Jacques Emond, founding artistic director of the Ottawa Jazz Festival, commented: “Talented and versatile Karen Oxorn is a very interesting vocalist. She has a warm and swinging straightforward voice skilled with ballads as well as upbeat songs.” In addition to singing and producing concerts, she enjoys supporting the music community in a variety of ways and is the former Artistic Director of Merrickville’s Jazz Fest and hosted “Swing Is In The Air” on CKCU-FM radio for a couple of years.


      Tim Bedner

      A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Tim Bedner is a modern lyrical composer and improviser, and an award-winning teacher and performer on six and seven-string guitar. Reviewers have called him “a talent and a force, playing with grace, style, passion and inventiveness.”


    • Kevin Ecker

      Kevin Ecker

      Kevin Ecker

      Kevin Ecker is a singer and a multi-instrumentalist musician who has been performing in multiple genres. He delights in playing the guitar, the keyboard, and the violin. Kevin is also a recording artist who is involved in music production. He has been mixing for artists and writing music for shows and plays for more than 15 years.

      Kevin has strong roots in acoustic music and his performance before an audience becomes harmonious through mellow vocals and punctuated rhythms. His acoustic interpretation of tunes can be both familiar and novel at the same time. Raised in Istanbul, now based in Ottawa, he has influences from coast to coast and he believes that experimenting with  different styles and collaborating with other musicians add to his creativity.

      Knock on Wood


    • KidZone with Selina Bishop

      KidZone with Selina BishopSelina and Maya are a mother daughter duo who love doing Kidzone year after year. This year is for nature lovers, where you can make some origami animals, play games, and plant a seed to attract butterflies.

    • Knock on Wood

      ‘Knock on Wood’ is a newly formed trio. Jack, Kevin and Lili met through jam sessions in Ottawa and realized that they have a shared vision for music.

      Knock on Wood is aiming to deliver acoustic songs through the guitar, the percussion, the flute and vocals.

      Kevin Ecker

      Kevin Ecker is a singer and a multi-instrumentalist musician who has been performing in multiple genres. He delights in playing the guitar, the keyboard, and the violin. Kevin is also a recording artist who is involved in music production. He has been mixing for artists and writing music for shows and plays for more than 15 years.

      Kevin has strong roots in acoustic music and his performance before an audience becomes harmonious through mellow vocals and punctuated rhythms. His acoustic interpretation of tunes can be both familiar and novel at the same time. Raised in Istanbul, now based in Ottawa, he has influences from coast to coast and he believes that experimenting with  different styles and collaborating with other musicians add to his creativity.

      Jack Pyl

      Jack Pyl is an artist and musician active in the local arts scene for many years in visual arts, music and theater. He is a composer, music arranger, recording artist and accompanist. His main instruments are winds and percussion. As part of the trio Knock On Wood, he is happy to make his first appearance at the Grassroots Festival.

    • Le Paysagiste (Dayv Poulin)

      Le Paysagiste (Dayv Poulin)Le Festival Grassroots d’Ottawa (OGF) a le plaisir de confirmer que l’artiste franco-ontarien, récipiendaire de plusieurs prix, Dayv Poulin (Le Paysagiste) sera à l’affiche, lors de la soirée d’ouverture du festival du vieil Ottawa-Sud qui aura lieu le 25 avril. L’événement se tiendra du 25 au 28 avril 2019, à l’église unie de Southminster, située au 15, avenue Aylmer, à Ottawa.

      Dayv Poulin, originaire de Sudbury, en Ontario, joue de la musique de façon professionnelle depuis plus de 20 ans. Poulin a diverti les foules de tous les âges avec sa vocalité impressionnante, puissante et douce à la fois, ainsi qu’avec une incroyable variété de chansons. Il a également joué avec les groupes français Konflit Dramatik et Les Chaizes Muzikales et a été le directeur musical de La St-Jean à Sudbury et de la fête du Canada à Science Nord.

      Au cours des dernières années, cet artiste a concentré son énergie sur son projet solo français, Le Paysagiste, qui a produit trois albums et de nombreux clips vidéo. Le dernier album de Poulin, Le Paysagiste – Alchimie accidentelle, a été lancé en mars 2018. Son deuxième album, Alter Ego, a été sélectionné pour 7 prix Trille Or (prix de la musique franco-ontarienne) et a remporté le prix du meilleur producteur d’albums, qu’il a partagé avec le coproducteur de l’album, Stéphane Rancourt. Dayv Poulin a également reçu trois prix importants après sa présentation à l’événement Contact Ontarois, tenu à Ottawa en janvier 2018. Ces prix ont permis à cet auteur-compositeur interprète de se produire à des festivals reconnus en Ontario et au Québec, avec le potentiel d’une tournée européenne de 20 dates de concerts à l’avenir.

      Dayv Poulin et son concert, Le Paysagiste, offrent un magnifique paysage sonore composé de rock-pop et d’éléments de musique folk et country. Qu’il joue avec l’ensemble du groupe, en trio ou en solo, ses chansons sont très appréciées de son public et offrent une expérience riche en émotion et en intensité.

      The Ottawa Grassroots Festival (OGF) is pleased to confirm that multi-award winning Franco-Ontarian artist, Dayv Poulin (Le Paysagiste), will headline the opening night (April 25) at the festival in Old Ottawa South. The event will take place April 25-28, 2019 at The Southminster United Church, 15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa.

      Sudbury, Ontario native Dayv Poulin has been playing music professionally for over 20 years. Poulin has been entertaining crowds of all ages with his impressive, powerful-smooth vocals and an unbelievable variety of song selections. He has also played with French bands Konflit Dramatik and Les Chaizes Muzikales, and has been the musical director for La St-Jean in Sudbury and Canada Day at Science North.

      For the past few years, this performer has focused his energy on his French solo project, Le Paysagiste, released three albums as well as numerous music videos. Poulin’s most recent album release Le Paysagiste – Alchimie accidentelle was launched in March 2018. His second album Alter Ego, was nominated for 7 Trille Or awards (Franco-Ontarian music awards) and he walked away with the Best Album Producer award which he shared with the album’s co-producer Stéphane Rancourt. Dayv Poulin was also awarded 3 major prizes after his showcase at the Contact Ontarois event, held in Ottawa in January 2018. These awards have brought this singer-songwriter to well established festivals in Ontario and Quebec, with potential for a 20 date European tour in the future.

      Dayv Poulin and his show with Le Paysagiste delivers a soundscape of beautiful pop-rock, with elements of folk and country music to his audience. Whether he is performing with the entire band, as a trio or solo, his songs resonate with listeners and deliver an experience high in emotion and intensity.

    • Mary Reid and Green Thumb Garden Centre

      Mary Reid and Green Thumb Garden CentreFrom teacher to banker to garden centre owner, Mary Shearman Reid for the past 20+ years finds herself at Green Thumb Garden Centre (SE of Merivale and Hunt Club off Bongard).  Mary grew up in a family of gardeners, worked as a gardener during her summers at university, and tries to find time to garden at home. She uses those practical skills and knowledge as well as her business and retail skills at Green Thumb.  Mary is a member of Landscape Ontario, a CLP (Certified Landscape Professional) and volunteers as a Master Gardener. Mary enjoys teaching for the local school boards, and speaking to garden clubs, horticultural societies and other groups.

    • Miriam Dawn Mortazavi

      Miriam Dawn is a guitar player and singer who records and performs 60s folk covers by artists Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. She has one record out under the title “Vineyard.”

    • Neptune’s Music-Songs for Women by Women

      Neptune’s Music-Songs for Women by WomenNeptunes Music Workshops’, Dawn Whitely and Joe Reynolds, have run alternative music workshops, lessons, talent shows, house concerts and community spirited music events since 2007. Their focus is to inspire music appreciation in all ages and encourage the celebration of music in local communities.
      In addition to their events, Neptunes provides a place for musicians to gather and collaborate, network and record.

      ~This year at Grassroots Festival, they’ll be hosting a stage celebrating woman with “Songs for Women by Women”:

      Grassroots Festival-‘Songs for Women by Women’
      ‘The Fellowship Hall’, Saturday, April 27th from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm.
      Southminster United Church.,15 Aylmer Ave, Ottawa,

      Please see this link for directions

      This event is free.

      The Stage Will Feature these ‘Wonder-Women’:

      • Carmel Whittle
      • Patricia Reynolds
      • Debbie Rubin
      • Juanita Sauve
      • Monique Brault
      • Chris Moore
      • Joni Feldman
      • Nona Grandea
      • Susan Olde
      • Tunde Nemeth
      • Dawn Whitely

      They’ll also be inviting, woman’s groups, fellow musicians and the audience to sing along on the final song, “Mother of Pearl”
      Please see their website at this link for the lyrics and the mp3 for folks would like to join them in the chorus

      Thank You for Supporting Neptunes’ Celebration of Women!

      For more information please see their website

    • Nona Grandea

      Nona GrandeaNona Grandea is an Ottawa-based Filipino-Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and lead vocalist for HIMIG MASA – a progressive folk rock group made up of Filipino migrants that was first launched in 2010. While her interest in music was kindled very early in life, she considers herself a late bloomer when it comes to her musical aspirations.

      Nona carries an eclectic bag of early influences including classical, pop, rock and heavy metal, such as Tchaikovsky and Chopin, the Bee Gees, the Beatles, and ACDC.  Much of her recent work is influenced by her own social justice work and protest voices from the 1960s – Dylan, Baez, Country Joe MacDonald with a touch of Pink Floyd and Santana.

      She came to Canada as an immigrant from the Philippines three decades ago.  Since then, much of her volunteer time has been given to working within migrant communities and building linkages with those who seek social justice and fundamental change.

      Sparked by her passion to oppose growing global injustice, it is only in the past year that she began producing her original compositions. The first set of her original work was released in the 3rd CD of HIMIG MASA last year, featuring the title track “A Day Away”. This year, another CD with more of her original compositions is expected to be released in early spring, with the title track “Tyranny”.


    • One World Music Club

      One World Music ClubWorld Folk Music Ottawa Presents:
      Immigrants Youth Music Club

      Through World Folk Music Ottawa, Alicia Borisonik has been working with a group of students from Lester Pearson High School composing songs. Most of these young talented, students are new immigrants or refugees coming from countries such as Congo, Uganda, and Armenia.

      The students have committed to the program, discovered their love of music and found their collective voice through music and new friendships.

      World Folk Music Ottawa’s mission is to provide various music programs for underserved populations. Currently we are working with three other groups ranging in age  from 1 to 80 years old.

      In addition to this youth group from LPHS, Toddlers and mothers from the Confederation Court Community House meet to sing songs in Spanish, English, Swahili and Arabic. YOCISO (Youth Program from Ottawa Community Immigration Services Organization) meet to learn multicultural music, and we have a Spanish Senior’s Choir (Coro Casa de los Abuelos) get together regularly to sing.

      All of this is possible thanks to the beautiful partnership we developed with the Principal and teachers from Lester Pearson High School, especially Rosie Mahoney de Torres who has been a constant help.

      We also want to thank the support of City of Ottawa, Ottawa Community Foundation and the Carolyn Taylor Fund.

      Alicia Borisonik

    • Pete Woods

      Pete WoodsPeter Woods (sax) and James McGowan (piano) will be playing a set at this year’s Ottawa Grassroots Festival called “Music and Meditation”. An hour of music drawn from the deep well of improvised folk songs and ancient melodies, but shaped by the intensity and rhythm of jazz. With lifelong interests in the crossroad of spirituality and music, they will create a contemplative moment through music and silence.

      Peter Woods’ voice on saxophone is earthy and reflective, with an abiding joy. Rooted in the Ottawa music scene, his sound echoes with decades of gigs played in pubs and lounges, festival stages and churches across Canada. Blues-infused swing and lifelong learning define Woods’ artistic journey as musician and bandleader.

      Woods’ educational and spiritual background is rooted in religious studies; his work as a minister at MacKay United Church in Ottawa has helped him learn from music’s wisdom. Whether from a main stage or on a small restaurant bandstand, Woods knows music to be a connective force in an often isolating world.

      Woods has performed in numerous groups over the years, including ESP (classic rock), Trinity Jazz Ensemble (gospel-infused jazz), Saints’N’Sinners (early jazz/blues), and perhaps the most formative of all, his jazz duo with Brian Browne.

      The significance of his work with mentor and friend Brian Browne was profound and life-altering. Up until Brian’s death in the summer of 2018, he had spent over half a century inspiring artists such as Woods, all the while known as one of the top jazz pianists in Canada. In fifteen years as a duo, Browne and Woods captured national attention and garnered radio play on CBC. They recorded three albums and played over 400 shows—in the Ottawa region primarily, but also touring from Alberta to the Maritimes several times.

      Since 1996, Woods has brought his sophisticated musicianship to various jazz vespers and concerts at national musical and ecclesiastical conferences, and numerous music festivals. He is a current member of the Virginia Simonds Quintet and is a featured soloist with several Ottawa bands.

      His more recent work includes the quintet EvenSong, which combines jazz, pop and folk into a intense and celebratory sound. EvenSong has recently released their first album, featuring lead vocalist Leah Cogan.

      Woods also fronts the Woods-Newsom Quartet, a bar band playing music at the crossroads of Americana, rhythm & blues and jazz. In January, they kick off a winter residency at Brigid’s Well in the Byward Market.

      Woods is co-founder of a monthly evening of Music and Meditation with Mitchell Wright at MacKay United Church in Ottawa. Playing quietly improvised music in a dark sanctuary, they create moments of sound and silence, holding space for stillness.

      Jazz lovers will be thrilled to know that Woods’ and Browne’s final collaborative album—The Light of Common Day—which was recorded reel-to-reel at The Record Centre in 2016, is slated for release in 2019. The album itself was mastered by Grammy and Juno-nominated sound engineer Philip Shaw Bova. This extraordinary live-off-the-floor album taps into the emotional intimacy of their musical relationship.

    • Rita Finnigan and Jay Kassirer – Sing-Along Song Circle

      Rita Finnigan and Jay Kassirer – Sing-Along Song CircleJoin us for a sing-along song circle, learn how they work, and find out about song circles in your Ottawa neighborhood. As we go round the circle, each participant will have a turn to sing, lead or request a tune, or pass. Unless otherwise instructed by the current song leader, the group sings along, adding in harmonies and instrumental leads. When it is your turn, you call the shots – so you can sing a song yourself, ask us to come in on the choruses only, or whatever your heart desires. All acoustic instruments and musical styles are welcome.

      Jay and Rita met each other singing around a campfire over ten years ago, and have performed together as a husband-wife duo for the past three years. They sing a wide range of folk tunes, and popular tunes from the 40s onwards, including many sing-along songs, as well as their own originals. They have been influenced by many musicians, both professional and non-professional, the earliest of which were their mothers who sang to them often when they were young.

      Jay and Rita have a passion for group singing. They lead four drop-in song circles a month at various times and locations in the west end of Ottawa, where participants take turns requesting, leading or performing folk music, show tunes, blues tunes, jazz tunes, and other singable popular music with choruses; details: Last summer, they launched the Britannia Coffeehouse’s ongoing Sunday Serenades Series (near Britannia Beach and Mud Lake Conservation area). Artist inquiries are invited (it’s ‘pass the hat’). Details:

    • Rowena Pearl

      Rowena PearlWith her unique enthusiasm, Rowena Pearl’s talent shines bright as she engages all ages in making music. She brings her love of music to audiences as a music director of school, churches, local community theatres, and community choirs. Rowena is a popular music teacher introducing a love of piano and ukulele to dozens of students. The past several years, Rowena has been regularly involved in putting together an annual Christmas community musical event, performs period pieces every summer at the Dickenson House in Manotick, is a recurring musical director for The Smith Falls Railway Theatre summer productions, and has performed for the past few years as the music director for the pick up choir at the Grassroots Festival in Ottawa. Rowena lives in Kars with her husband Will and 3 boys, Wilson, Rylee, and Owen.

    • Sally Robinson

      Sally RobinsonSally grew up playing classical music.  At age 30, she took up bass guitar and co-founded the Toasted Westerns with her friend, Jody Benjamin.  So, her influences are from classical to country, and everything in between.

      She just celebrated 40 years of living in Ottawa.  My goodness, she must have been 2 when she arrived! Ottawa has always been good to her.  She has her own piano teaching studio, with students who range in age from 7 to 77. Freelancing has taken her in many directions, from working with dance and theatre companies to playing with various instrumentalists and singers.  She accompanied the Ottawa Children’s Choir for 14 years and is presently exploring her Scottish/Irish roots, playing with the Ottawa Celtic Choir.

      She plays clarinet & accordion in a band called the Shirt Tearing Boys, (not nearly as reckless as the name suggests) and, she leads singalongs – “Sing along with Sally” at Retirement Homes. From time to time, she performs her own material. If you ask her, she’ll play a House Concert in your home. You just have to provide the audience!  She also plays weddings, receptions and house parties. She’s happy to be participating with “women and funny songs” round robin at Grassroots this year. Oh, and she has a CD of original songs, called The S Files.


    • Siqiniup Qilauta (Sunsdrum) – Heidi Langille and Lynda Brown

      Siqiniup Qilauta does Inuit cultural performances that include: throat singing, drum dancing, games and singing traditional songs.

      The name of the group, Siqiniup Qilauta roughly translates to The Sun’s Drum. The name was influenced by an Inuit legend they heard about the sun. When the sun has a complete halo around it, it indicates good luck and the halo represents a drum.

      The group is located in Ottawa, Ontario, and has travelled nationally and internationally.

      Traditional Inuit Throatsinging is a game or competition usually done with two women. There is a leader and a follower, the leader sets the rhythm, the pace and the sound, and the follower repeats the sound. Each person is trying to ‘trip up’ the other and therefore, the songs normally end in laughter.

      Inuit Drum Dancing was mainly done by men as a game or competition as well as for celebrations. Lynda and Heidi are contemporary drummers who sing traditional songs in Inuktitut.

      Inuit Games have always been about strength, endurance and stamina, often testing people’s ability to withstand pain. Inuit Games have helped Inuit survive in a harsh environment and nowadays are played for fun and competition.

      Inuit Cultural Presentations last about an hour and are more in-depth on where Inuit live in Canada, recent history, common cultural practices, challenges and strengths.

    • Sjef Frenken

      Sjef FrenkenSjef Frenken is a retired civil servant, who’s making amends by making music himself, or making others do so. The Grassroots Festival Open Stage has been running since the Festival’s inception. If you want to know what else he does in his spare time, visit  but he won’t take it personal if you don’t.

    • Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville

      Tannis Slimmon and Lewis Melville


      With musical roots firmly planted in the soil of the Canadian Prairies and the ever-burgeoning music scene in Guelph, Ontario, and with a passion for lyrical vocal harmonies, Canadian Folk Music Award’s 2008 Vocalist of the Year Tannis Slimmon has been singing, songwriting, recording and touring locally and internationally for over 35 years. With her 3 solo albums and numerous guest vocal appearances on others, including those by Willie P. Bennett, Valdy, David Francey and Rheostatics, her name appears in the credits of over 100 recordings. Through the years, Tannis Slimmon has been involved in The Bird Sisters, The Lucky Sisters, Boreal, Ondine Chorus, Essentia and has been described as “a breathtaking vocalist with a bright and angelic disposition” (Exclaim) .



      Lewis Melville is a Guelph, Ontario, composer, producer, recording artist, and multi-instrumentalist (guitars, banjo, pedal steel, mandolin). A veteran of the alternative Canadian music scene, his various musical adventures have taken him across Canada, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Lewis is well-known for his performances with Canadian bands Skydiggers, Rheostatics, and others. His playing can be heard on scores of albums by other artists (Cowboy Junkies, Bird Sisters, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Waltons, Kim Stockwood, 13 Engines, Tannis Slimmon etc.), including the multi-million selling album “Gordon” by barenaked ladies. Highlights of his musical career include producing an album of traditional Korean folk music with percussionist Dong Won Kim (Silk Road) and pansori singer Il Dong Bae, recording the traditional music of Tashi Nencha in Bhutan, and recording griot and kora player Mansa Sissoko and Wasselou musician Jah Youssouf in Mali, West Africa. Lewis performs with Tannis Slimmon, Banjo Mechanics, the Woodchoppers Association and the Silence Collective. His albums are available in Canada and worldwide through MapleMusic ( or for download at

  • Toasted Westerns

    Back in 1988, Sally Robinson approached Jody Benjamin about possibly creating a duo.  Jody, (a very fit and energetic dance instructor who had just taken up guitar), leapt in the air with enthusiasm!  Hence, the Toasted Westerns were conceived. They played on the streets of Ottawa that summer and started to build their repertoire.

    Eventually, they grew from a duo to a 5-piece band. “The Full Platter” included Ann Downey on bass, Carolyn Stewart on fiddle and Wayne Robicheau on drums.  The Toasted Westerns’ sandwich was Jody & Sally; Ann was the fries, Carolyn the coleslaw and Wayne, being the only guy, was the “lone pickle”. Vince Halfhide eventually replaced Carolyn, spiced up the group by becoming the hot sauce.

    In 1996, they produced Out to Lunch. They were interviewed by Peter Gzowski, and were invited to play at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  Jody & Sally toured across the country that summer, doing house concerts.

    The Toasted Westerns were known as Ottawa’s Favourite Singing Sandwich, playing in duo, trio and Full Platter format for 20 years.

    The Toasted Westerns Trio is happy to be re-uniting to play at Grassroots, 2019.  It will be the first time they’ve played together in a decade.